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BITT - Tarot Meets the Royal Wedding

In this episode of Naked Tarot, I dissect ten pivotal aspects of the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, associating each with various Tarot cards. Listen in below!

This is my BIT (Back in Time) Tarot Method in action!

JB Crop 200

Introducing Pathological Tarot

Patho square
No one can plumb psychological depths like a Scorpio--especially a ♏x4 with a background in psychology and counseling. 😉 

Because my Naked Tarot Podcast has become so popular (thanks so much for your great feedback!), I'm providing EXCLUSIVE podcasts for Patrons called PATHOLOGICAL TAROT.  

Going "by the numbers", I'll divulge my never-before-shared method for "peeking under the skin" of each of the cards (including the Courts), showing the seedy underbelly (or psychological pathology) of each. You'll NEVER see Tarot the same way again... 

(Current Patrons, you can increase your patronage to access these special podcasts.)

Thanks heaps for your interest and support!

-- Janet