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99 Days Until Naked Tarot Is Released Into the Wild!

GUYS. I just realized that it's only 99 days until Naked Tarot is released into the wild! 

99 days grunge

Ninety. Nine. DAYS. And then, my magnum opus (as those who've read the MS are wont to say) releases into the wild. 

Get a sneak peek at

And then, pre-order at, Book Depository Wordery or Barnes & Noble. Or, your wonderful local bookstore. 

You will love it. I promise.

Especially if you're tired of the same old Tarot shit smelling up bookshelves and the web.

It's time to get...naked.

-- Janet 

10 Questions for Tarotist Jess Rollar

Jess Rollar

1. What’s your favorite breakfast food? My favorite is usually iced coffee and an everything bagel with cream cheese.

2. Book you’d like to give everyone (or wish they would read)? As for tarot related, I would have to say Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin. For books in general, Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk (or any of his books).

3. What makes you laugh? Stand-up comedy, especially anything done by Josh Blue or Jo Koy. Love them both!

4. Song that never gets old: Either “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana OR Karma Police” by Radiohead.

5. Drink of choice: Iced coffee, all day every day! Iced Chai is a close runner up.

6. Would you rather be hot or cold? Cold!!! I live in Arizona where it gets up to 120º, so I’ll take cold all day, haha!

7. Mountain, beach, desert, or forest? Toss up between mountains or the forest. How about mountains in the forest!

8. Favorite color? Chartreuse, Mint, and Neon Peach. I have a hard time picking one. Love color even though I wear jeans and black tees every day.

9. Best movie line: “You’re going to need a bigger boat” - Chief Brody in Jaws

10.Last thing you splurged on? Two new playing card decks for cartomancy!

Bonus Q for Jess: What Tarot card is trying to get your attention these days? Lately the Knight of Cups keeps popping up, it popped up three times on a week!

BIO: Jess Rollar is a tarot reader, feminist and coffee addict living in Mesa, Arizona. She runs the blog Radical She Tarot, and can also be found online at Patreon here and Instagram here.

Tarot As a Musical Pharmacy

Musical Pharmacy

In this episode of the Naked Tarot Podcast, I discuss the power of music, especially when coupled with Tarot cards. Citing the work of Barry Goldstein, and correlating various Tarot cards with specific songs (mostly hard rock--ha!), you'll discover how music can not only capture a mood--but also form a bridge to how you want to feel. Yet another cool tool for your conscious creation toolbox!

Listen in below:

-- Janet

Learn Tarot by the Numbers - The Aces

If you'd like to learn more about the Tarot, Dax Carlisle and I have started an exciting new series on the Tarot Insider Show at Psychic Talk Radio: Tarot by the Numbers!

Aces show 500

This week, we covered the four Aces. Listen in below:

Next week, we'll cover the Twos in Tarot!

Join us for a live, engaging discussion every Wednesday at 2 PM EST. See ya there!

-- Janet

Talking The Enneagram on Tarot Insider Radio

Insider enneagramDax and I discussed the power of The Enneagram on Tarot Insider Radio--and you can listen in below!

Here are two free tests for you to take to help determine your Enneagram Type: Eclectic Energies and RHETI Sampler. If you want to take a full-length, validated test from The Enneagram Institute ($12)--I highly recommend it--click here. To read all about the 9 Types, click here

So what about YOU, dear reader? What Type are YOU? (Me? I'm a 7 with a HUGE 8 wing). 

-- Janet