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Time to Stop the Tarot Hate

Using Tarot As a Crutch?

Is there such a thing? Oh yeah...

Tarot Crutch

How to know if you're using Tarot as a crutch? You:

  • Consult the cards for every little decision (like, what color shirt to wear)
  • Feel like you can't make up your mind without the cards
  • Use the Tarot to dictate your choices and actions
  • Think about the cards as soon as you get up in the morning
  • Sleep with a deck under your pillow, expecting wisdom via osmosis
  • Ask the Tarot what an individual thinks about you...when you can just, you know, ask him

Listen to my latest podcast episode on the topic below:

Any comments or questions on using Tarot as a crutch--or the idea of spiritual co-dependence? Weigh in below!

-- Janet


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