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The Harley and the Ivy

So I bought a few Harley Quinn charms last year but didn't do anything with them...until now.

Behold! My Harley Quinn bracelet:


I love plants and trees and the color green, so I thought I'd make some Poison Ivy bracelets--and a (mis)matching set of earrings, too. Ron said "Oh. It's a Gotham Collection".

HAHAHA! (Or, rather, HA...HA...HA).

Yeah, more like a Gotham Villainess Collection. But, I just may do some Joker, Riddler and Batman jewelry...

Behold--the botanical bijouterie!

500Ivy Collection Text

Check 'em out at (as well as some other goodies we've been making).

Speaking of making, Ron's working hard and joyfully on a new Lenormand deck. Like our Snowland Deck, it's painted acrylic images on hand-gessoed boards. He says I can't show any images until he gets past, like, the ten-card mark. Boo! Hiss!

I CAN say it's unlike any Lennie deck out there. Natch.

JB Crop 200

Man on the Corner by Genesis

For the last month or so, I've been on a serious Genesis kick. They're often playing on our Smart TV or via one of our Amazon Echos or Dots.

"Man on the Corner" by Genesis has been one of my absolutely favorite songs for over 30 years (!). It's one that gets little air time compared to other Genesis/Phil Collins songs.

Isn't this song (as Will Ferrell as James Lipton would say about Alec Baldwin's Charles Nelson Reilly)--scrumptrulescent?

I'll share my second favorite Genesis song soon...

JB Crop 200


Log Off, Mute All, Carry On

Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad, Austin Kleon's newest book, arrived yesterday. As with his first book, Steal Like an Artist, it's fab.

Keep Going

I'm only on the third chapter, but it's already a balm for the soul and a boost to the creative mind.

I love his reversal on the hippie sentiment:

Drop Out

Yesiree...Log Off, Mute All and Carry On.

I'm doing that now. In fact, just a few minutes ago, Team Boyer deactivated all their Facebook accounts (which means even our pages--one, with over 3K fans--are inaccessible).

I've put a note on Twitter that I won't be tweeting (although posts from this blog will automatically be tweeted there, I'm not there).

Instagram? May still post some pics there

Unplugging isn't new to Team Boyer. You may remember my post from 2012 called No TV for 3. We went over a decade without TV programming (we had TVs, mind you, but only used them for DVDs and the occasional PS2 gaming). 

We got a shitload of creative work done during that time, let me tell ya! 

We ended up getting a Smart TV last year, so we're streaming--but to be honest, we don't spend a lot of time watching. When we do, it's usually documentaries, British mysteries (me and Noah), Gaia, nature stuff, cartoons, YouTube tutorials and Great Courses lectures.

Back to unplugging: deactivating all our Facebook accounts was so freeing! I'm feeling the "freed up computing space" in a big way.

Feather on water

I don't think we realize how much social media accounts function as a metaphorical "programs running in the background"--which means an unconscious (and sometimes, very conscious) drain on our "computing" energy.

I've also decided not to check any of my books' rankings on Amazon, nor the reviews.

My job is to create, not cater or monitor (which may go against prevailing publishing advice, but hey--I tried it "their" way...and it didn't work for me or my creative life). 

So this blog--and our Newsletter (you can subscribe here, if you're not already a recipient)--will be the primary ways we communicate to the world.

Notice I said "we". You may have noticed that my our blog got a makeover yesterday. 

Making this a Boyer Creations blog has been a long time coming--and I'm excited that we've consolidated our communication streams to basically only two channels. Really, I couldn't do what I do--to the extent I do it--without Ron and Noah. And they couldn't do their creative work without my help, either.

Try it boyer

We're truly a team. And we're up to a lot these days! Visit to view or purchase our latest offerings for sale. is still up and running, too.

So stay tuned to see what we're creating and what we're thinking (or reading or watching or listening to)--and if you'd like, leave us a comment. We're glad to have you, and would be happy to answer any questions you have for us--as a family/creative team...or individually. And if you love what we're about, feel free to "buy us a coffee" (aka the Tip Jar). See the symbol at the top left of the blog? Just click and caffeinate. ::wink::

Carry on! (We will be).

JB Crop 200

Black Hole Powehi Bracelets

On Wednesday, April 10th, 2019, the groundbreaking, first-ever photograph of a black hole was published around the world. Captivating viewers and providing the only direct visual evidence that these regions exist, this Black Hole was officially named Powehi, a Hawaiian phrase that means "embellished dark source of unending creation." (The photo was actually taken in April of 2017, but wasn't revealed until 2019).

I wanted to celebrate this monumental image by creating THREE one-of-a-kind bracelets, reflecting a central black bead (representing the Black Hole) and beads in varying shades of yellow and gold (mimicking the corona around the hole). Beads are are made from semi-precious stones, Czech glass and acrylic.

Because they're made with memory wire, these goldtone bracelets fits most any wrist--and includes a goldtone star charm on the back.


Click here to see more close up images of my Black Hole Bracelets at our Chez Boyer Etsy Shop.

-- Janet

Are You Supporting Illegal Tarot Decks?

Illegal decks smaller seems cool to have a self-published deck come out that features celebrities--our favorite actors, singers, artists or musicians. Or even characters from a comic book series, novel, video game or movie.

Noticed I said self-published.

That's because traditional publishers aren't stupid enough to violate a famous person's Right of Publicity.

Yeah, in case you didn't know, Tarot decks featuring famous people--name or image, without their permission--is against the law. Click here to find out what the law says. For more information, Google "right of publicity" or "personality rights".

Now, most people realize you can't use TV shows, movies, songs or novels as a basis for a deck unless the creator/publisher secures permission OR it's in the public domain.

Yeppers, those people selling "fan art" at conventions?

Completely illegal.

They're profiting from the work and art originating with another person or creative entity. 

Take justice seriously 400So, this begs the question: how seriously do we, as Tarot enthusiasts, take the Justice card?

Oh, I can hear the rationalizations already:

It's not hurting anyone.

It's for personal use!

It's a great idea!

It's just for fun.

I'm using the deck for major internal work.

I read with this deck to help others!

Guess what?

The law doesn't care about your excuses reasons.

We think because someone is famous, they're rich--so it's OK to profit from their likeness. It's not hurting them. In fact, it gives them free publicity!

But that's just it: a person owns the "right of publicity" to his/her image and name. (Even dead people may be protected by their estate.)

Not you. Or your favorite indie deck "creator".

I can just see members of the Tarot community up in arms if a deck "creator" used illegal images from a self-published deck, original art or the body of a Tarot personality's work--without permission. 

Oh...but it's apparently fine and dandy to create, buy, review or own such decks. Or even have the deck thief creator interviewed by Tarot's flavor-of-the-month YouTuber or blogger.


So what are your thoughts, Tarot collector, blogger, reader, reviewer and creator? Is creating decks based on a rock band, pop culture icons, TV/movie actors, artists (like Banksy)--without express permission--OK with you? If so, how do you justify it in light of the law?

What decks have you come across that are likely violating the "Rights of Publicity" law?

Personally, I'd like to see more air-time, blog space and money aimed at people who actually draw and paint 78 (or more) images to make up a Tarot deck--rather than those who are riding on the hard-earned celebrity of others.

-- Janet