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The Harley and the Ivy

So I bought a few Harley Quinn charms last year but didn't do anything with them...until now.

Behold! My Harley Quinn bracelet:


I love plants and trees and the color green, so I thought I'd make some Poison Ivy bracelets--and a (mis)matching set of earrings, too. Ron said "Oh. It's a Gotham Collection".

HAHAHA! (Or, rather, HA...HA...HA).

Yeah, more like a Gotham Villainess Collection. But, I just may do some Joker, Riddler and Batman jewelry...

Behold--the botanical bijouterie!

500Ivy Collection Text

Check 'em out at (as well as some other goodies we've been making).

Speaking of making, Ron's working hard and joyfully on a new Lenormand deck. Like our Snowland Deck, it's painted acrylic images on hand-gessoed boards. He says I can't show any images until he gets past, like, the ten-card mark. Boo! Hiss!

I CAN say it's unlike any Lennie deck out there. Natch.

JB Crop 200


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