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December 2021

The Joys of Junk Journaling

Not sure what got me on the Junk Journaling path earlier this year, but here I am. Any other junk journal junkies out there?

My first junk journal was for Halloween and had a macabre "embalmer/funeral director" theme. Here's a flip through of the finished product (I gave it to an online acquaintance):

Yesterday, I finished stitching a Christmas Junk Journal (my 2nd full-length one). Flip through below:

Haven't shared much of my jewelry designs on here (I've been making jewelry for over two years now)--so I'm applying that to making ephemera for junk journals--for example, "journal jewelry", "bling" or dangles (as they're often called. Here's two sets below (might make some for Christmas), that are in our ChezBoyer Etsy Shop here:Dangle capture

Also, some beaded and fabric tassels (found here):


But I admit--my favorite media to work with these days are paper, ink and string. It grounds me--the complete opposite of writing. Elementally speaking if writing is Air (and some Fire, for motivation)--then Junk Journaling (and paper crafting) is Earth, with a good dose of Water.

And interesting flip, considering I was so Air/Fire for so long. 

I'm glad for the "balancing"--and grounding. It suits me now. 

For now. 

About Janet Boyer

Hey there. I'm Janet Boyer. I've lived about three lifetimes in five decades.

I understand your curiosity. But, in some ways--and with most of my posts--this blog will be more about you than me...especially from 2022 on. 

SmallMonkey ShinesHere are some bullet points about who I am (in case you're a nosy Scorpio, too):

  • Married to my beloved soulmate, Ron, who did the art for our Coffee Tarot and Snowland Deck
  • Mother to a shiny soul, Noah, on the Autism spectrum (Art is his Religion, he says)
  • Cat Mom to 5 rescues
  • Jewelry Artisan and Mixed Media Artist
  • Author of three traditionally-published Tarot books + our deck companion books
  • Certified Professional Life Coach through Transformation Academy
  • Award-Winning Cook (Taste of Home Magazine)
  • AMZN Hall of Fame Reviewer (1200+ Reviews)
  • Former minister (yeah, went to college for it--with Psych & English double minors)
  • Font of "useless" trivia
  • Former radio host--sometimes guest (e.g. Coast to Coast AM)
  • MBTI ENxP functioning as an INTP
  • Enneagram 7w8
  • Strengths Finder 2.0 Top 5: Input, Strategic, Ideation, Maximizer and Learner
  • StandOut Strengths Assessment: Influencer/Equalizer
  • Fascinate System: Innovation + Power = Maverick Leader
  • Scorpio Sun/Aquarius Moon/Aries Rising. Metal Dog
  • Numerology Life Path 7

So, welcome to my re-vamped blog. I plan on spending most of my online time here as I withdraw from social media.