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Bee Journal Finally Finished!

I started a Bee Journal last year and finally finished it! Whew. Here's the brief flip through:

I had so many bee-related papers and ephemera that I was going to make another bee journal--but I was just tired of looking at the stuff! I'm the type of creative that needs to toggle between mediums and outlets (up next: more jewelry making!).

I'll be putting this baby (bee-aby?) up for sale on our ChezBoyer Etsy Shop soon.

What about you? Do you journal? Make journals? Enjoy art journaling? Do tell in the comments below!

Easter Junk Journal Flip Through

Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged! :o) Been relaxing into Earth energy by creating with paper and making junk journals. Here's two videos, one showing the unembellished version:

and the finished, blinged-out version:

This handmade journal is available in our ChezBoyer Etsy Shop here.

What have YOU been creating lately? Do share in the comments below!

The Joys of Junk Journaling

Not sure what got me on the Junk Journaling path earlier this year, but here I am. Any other junk journal junkies out there?

My first junk journal was for Halloween and had a macabre "embalmer/funeral director" theme. Here's a flip through of the finished product (I gave it to an online acquaintance):

Yesterday, I finished stitching a Christmas Junk Journal (my 2nd full-length one). Flip through below:

Haven't shared much of my jewelry designs on here (I've been making jewelry for over two years now)--so I'm applying that to making ephemera for junk journals--for example, "journal jewelry", "bling" or dangles (as they're often called. Here's two sets below (might make some for Christmas), that are in our ChezBoyer Etsy Shop here:Dangle capture

Also, some beaded and fabric tassels (found here):


But I admit--my favorite media to work with these days are paper, ink and string. It grounds me--the complete opposite of writing. Elementally speaking if writing is Air (and some Fire, for motivation)--then Junk Journaling (and paper crafting) is Earth, with a good dose of Water.

And interesting flip, considering I was so Air/Fire for so long. 

I'm glad for the "balancing"--and grounding. It suits me now. 

For now. 

Tarot Bags, Lenormand Pouches, Essential Oil Wallets and More by Noah Boyer

In case you didn't know, our son Noah does amazing work as a Tarot bag designer.  His stylish Tarot wallets can also be used to hold Lenormand decks, large oracle cards, essential oil rollers and inhalers--as well as mundane things like tissues, medicines, anti-bacterial containers, money, credit cards, etc.

Customers at our Chez Boyer Etsy Shop get to buy already-made bags, or have custom Tarot bags with their choice of liner color and vintage button. Here's a video I made with showcasing some of Noah's work (including Kitty Kicker Kushions filled with organic catnip!):

Doesn't he do extraordinary work?]

In fact, the customer that ordered two more Lenormand-size bags (that I mentioned in the video) just posted a 5-star review of her original bag, along with this photo:

Purple bag
Here's Noah talking a bit about his process (from a few years ago):

You can snag your very own bag made by Noah on our Chez Boyer Etsy Shop here