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CATHARTICUS - A Blog for Creatives

I've been a mad creative for well over 25 years.

I've authored books, co-created two Tarot decks with my hubby, penned poems, written over 1200 reviews, made loads of jewelry, whipped up aromatherapy goodies, won a magazine award for a recipe, designed social media art...

You get the picture.

But this (crazy) year, I really--really--came to understand the healing power of creativity. 

Both in making Art...and witnessing it. In any form.

So I've decided to make creativity and art the focus of this blog.


I realize that Art is:

  • Therapeutic
  • Comforting
  • Self Expression
  • Meditative
  • Relaxing
  • Distracting
  • Revealing
  • Inspiring

I want to share all aspects of Art, because I believe we need to make it and celebrate now more than ever.

After I finish my coursework, I'll be offering creativity and therapeutic Art coaching, too. Stay tuned.

Oh, and you may be wondering "What is CATHARTICUS?"

1. From Greek, katharsis, through Late Latin catharticus; inducing catharsis; that is, purgative or cleansing.

2. A purifying release of the emotions or of tension, especially through art or drama.

3. In psychoanalysis, a technique used to relieve tension and anxiety by bringing repressed material to consciousness.

-- Janet

Spreading Joy and Giving Away Jewelry

After my neighbor (who just happens to be my former 11th grade English teacher!) dropped off homemade strawberry jam yesterday morning--"just to spread joy", she said--I realized just how needed joy spreading is during these challenging times. ❤

So I started a new Facebook page and will be giving away the occasional piece for the same reason: to spread joy. If you'd take a sec to "like", I'd be most grateful: Janet Boyer Designs.

Below is what I'm giving away on my new page (just finished it a little while ago):


*makes elephant trumpeting sound*

Introducing Hippie Scents - Bohemian Roll On Perfumes

After discovering the heavenly smell of Patchouli--as well as "woodsy" and "smoky" scents (Ho Wood, Buddha Wood, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, etc.)--I decided to pay homage to the hippie era of the 60s and 70s: a time of idealism, flower children, pacifism, free love, experimentation, political protests and anti-establishment sentiments.

Smaller hippie people TEXT
The first set of four Hippie Scents of my Boho Aromatherapy series is already up on Etsy here. I named them Happy Together, Tune In, Flower Child and Age of Aquarius. I plan to release at LEAST 15 different ones in this series, with each already formulated and named.

Smaller rainbow bottles SET ONE
Made with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils, these Hippie Scents perfume roll-ons were designed to improve mood, promote relaxation and, quite frankly, make you happy! Read all about them (and what goes into each blend) at my shop.

Smaller hippie girl flowers

Annnnnd I'm Back

Despite knowing I am a Renaissance Soul for many years, I've had an identity crisis of sorts when it comes to blogging and social media--especially with the rampant advice of "you have to specialize!" circulating around.

Pencils whitman
But I just can't be nailed down to one "thing". I'm MANY things (and I like it that way). I'm not JUST a Tarot author and deck co-creator. I'm not JUST an Hall of Fame Reviewer. I'm not JUST a mystical teacher. I'm not JUST an ex-vangelical. I'm not JUST a wife. I'm not JUST a mom. I'm not JUST an award-winning cook and foodie. I'm not JUST a radio and podcast interviewer/guest. I'm not JUST a life-long learner with overloaded floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. I'm not JUST a jewelry designer. I'm not JUST a scent alchemist. I'm not JUST...

See where I'm going with this?

And honestly, I'm tired of the scattered energy (even though I've scaled way down over the years). 

Well, now I'm scaling back even more. I've closed all the Facebook accounts--pro pages and personal profile. 

I even deleted our Patreon page.

That leaves:

So when the mood hits, I'll be sharing about This Boyer Life mostly via this blog. Feel free to follow along. :o)