Talking The Enneagram on Tarot Insider Radio

Insider enneagramDax and I discussed the power of The Enneagram on Tarot Insider Radio--and you can listen in below!

Here are two free tests for you to take to help determine your Enneagram Type: Eclectic Energies and RHETI Sampler. If you want to take a full-length, validated test from The Enneagram Institute ($12)--I highly recommend it--click here. To read all about the 9 Types, click here

So what about YOU, dear reader? What Type are YOU? (Me? I'm a 7 with a HUGE 8 wing). 

-- Janet

BITT - Tarot Meets the Royal Wedding

In this episode of Naked Tarot, I dissect ten pivotal aspects of the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, associating each with various Tarot cards. Listen in below!

This is my BIT (Back in Time) Tarot Method in action!

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Introducing Pathological Tarot

Patho square
No one can plumb psychological depths like a Scorpio--especially a ♏x4 with a background in psychology and counseling. 😉 

Because my Naked Tarot Podcast has become so popular (thanks so much for your great feedback!), I'm providing EXCLUSIVE podcasts for Patrons called PATHOLOGICAL TAROT.  

Going "by the numbers", I'll divulge my never-before-shared method for "peeking under the skin" of each of the cards (including the Courts), showing the seedy underbelly (or psychological pathology) of each. You'll NEVER see Tarot the same way again... 

(Current Patrons, you can increase your patronage to access these special podcasts.)

Thanks heaps for your interest and support!

-- Janet

Five Element Magic of Prophecy Tarot

Thrilled that this gorgeous Tarot deck has relaunched on Kickstarter! If you missed my interview with these wonderful folks, click here.

I had an amazing live audio reading with Starman of Eye Psychics that propelled me out of a procrastinating funk into getting my fire back--all because he identified the "pea" under the 19 layers of mattresses. ::wink::

Listen to my audio testimonial below.

Starman Testimonial

You may want to back this deck at the Prophecy Fan Club Tier to treat yourself to a very special Tarot reading...

-- Janet

Magic of Prophecy Tarot - An Interview with Starman of Eye Psychics

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Starman of Eye Psychics about the stunning deck now funding on Kickstarter--the Magic of Prophecy Tarot (that I'm thrilled to be backing!):

Janet: Hello and welcome! I think your deck is GORGEOUS. Before we get to the cards, who is Eye Psychics?

Starman: Thank you Goddess J, bless you so much and thank you for your support for this wonderful, fun and exciting new five-element tarot book and deck set; the Magic of Prophecy Tarot.

Eye Psychics is a developing company based in Canada but with members from all over the world. Our company believes in the nurturing and the development of the psychic sense and the art form of soul cultivation. Like any sport or profession the art of development is mastery through practice and our focus is the empowering of the individual’s natural strengths within a loving and supportive community. We are producing several key publications including TAROT AS A VERB, THE TANTRIC PULSE ORACLE and at the forefront the MAGIC OF PROPHECY TAROT and BOOK set which is available now through KICKSTARTER and is in production.

Janet: Why Tarot?

Chariot moon 500

Starman: Ha Ha (big cat smile) Why Tarot … Why air? Why breath? Why communication? Why language? Why discovery. Why exploration? There are so many why’s to the question that we delight in the question. It’s a perfect question.

To us Tarot is a language and a way to understand the elements in motion in, of and through ones life. In the understanding and in the knowing that ones life and all life is divine.

Tarot through the five element system allows for direct communion with the elements, for as we attune ourselves to the depth and knowledge that the language of tarot offers we can navigate through realms of depth and psyche that would other wise potentially confuse the unfocused or unaware.

The character Prophecy in this deck is the Magician, card # 1. The Magician as all tarot lovers knows, is the one with the ability through partnership with the divine, in harmony with (and in utilization of) the elements and of course through ones will, has the ability to manifest ones intentions into being.

Prophecy the Magician in this deck offers all the opportunity to do the same and this deck assists in the facilitation of learning the language of tarot so that one can consciously invoke the elements of harmony, happiness and delight into ones life.

This deck, the Magic of Prophecy Tarot is a journey in the application of magic.

Judgement uni 500

Janet: How does your deck differ from other decks? What new energy do you bring to the cards?

Starman: Love this question also. First there are 92 cards making it a five elemental fully illustrated tarot deck; featuring the element of Spirit.

As the minors are means in with which to apply the essence and power of the element in ones life we find that working with spirit as an element gives an expanding focus to the craft. To honor and integrate all five points of the star, the upward direction of the element of spirit, is the balance point for the other four extensions.

We can see this in the Magicians card with each element represented equally and placed specifically and in order, around Prophecy.

We would also add that this deck brings a matriarchal perspective to the tarot and the nature of the elements in relationship to one another. There is also a reverence in the deck that is offered to the inspired creation of each card and the presenting deity/energy and each card and chapter is narrated initially in the first person.

This nurtures direct experience.

Each card also is formed/illustrated naturally, instinctively and from the heart.

Spirit Suit Magic Prophecy 500
Spirit Suit of the Magic of Prophecy Tarot


Janet: Will there be a companion book?

Starman: We would call it a companion novel. Each card is a chapter of the book giving the book 92 chapters so it’s fully epic.

Ideally there is so much support on the Kickstarter for the book and deck that the volume flip allows for full printing of the book. At present the deck and little white book are physical and a digital download of the accompanying novel is offered in the reward of backing the project with the deck reward as a whole.

Janet: How many cards do you have left to illustrate?

The project on Kickstarter is to help us produce the remaining cards, which are now 2-10 of the elements. THE MAJORS, THE ACES, and the COURTS are all relatively complete. The entire funds raised for the project go directly into design and printing, real simple to help us get this vision into the hands of the magical and out into the world.

Janet: On Kickstarter, you ask backers for their card preferences for some images. Will you offer both versions of a card--or just the one that gets the most votes?

2 Death
Two Versions of the Death Card

Starman: We are open. We fully welcome and invite the participation of our backers. Some backers are even showing up inspiring and as characters and personas in the deck. Meaning the work inspires production so readings and backer feedback is constantly showing up in and as part of the developing production of this deck. We feel the backers are producers of the project, with us. So we are fully in tune with and all ears when it comes to the desires of our backers. Our marketing budget has been ten cents, ha ha, so its because of the backers, people sharing and leaders like yourself seeing the magic in what we are doing and sharing its message that this is possible. THANK YOU!!!

Earth suit 500
Earth Court Cards

Janet: What do you want people to know MOST about your deck?

Starman: Wow, what an intense question...

…That this deck honors our teachers and those who have held the light up for us when times were dark or the world did not appear as friendly or as helpful as it can be. We would not be here and we would not be doing what we are doing if it were not for the kindness and life saving support of those in the know, with true hearts, compassionate presence and with the wisdom to reach out in a pure, uplifting, intelligent, essential and truly strengthening way.

There is depth to the knowledge and the magic is sacred. It is love that has brought us here…


Janet: Beautiful. Agreed. Thank you so much for your time--and best wishes on your Kickstarter project!

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Tarot Fascism - Should Tarot Be in the Hands of the Masses?

Recently, some punk YouTuber made the statement that when the Tarot goes mainstream, the masses water down and damage the Tarot.

That mainstream accessibility to the cards turns the Tarot into "shit". 

That Tarot is not supposed to be for everyone. 

That Tarot needs to remain under the domain of the "Tarot community"--under "our control"--and not in the hands of "corporations".

Um, just as an aside--here's the definition of fascism:

Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce.


Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 2 PM EST, join Dax Carlisle and me will take on this controversial topic on the next episode of The Tarot Insider Show.

Me and dax masses

Trust're not going want to miss this. 

-- Janet


April Fools! - All About the Tarot Fool Card

In my latest podcast, I discuss The Fool card in Tarot--including Keywords, Esoteric Correspondences and Pop Culture references--as well as decode this image through my 7 Clue Method. Listen in below.

What is your favorite version of The Fool? What Keywords do you often associated with this card? Share in the comments below!

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Rabbit Symbolism in the Tarot and the Queen of Pentacles Breeder Card

In my latest podcast, I discuss rabbit symbolism in Tarot--and how pop culture references to the bunny can enhance our readings-- as well as how the Queen of Pentacles "Breeder" card connects to fertility. Listen in below!

Looking through your favorite (non-RWS) Tarot decks, how many cards featuring rabbits can you find? Share in the comments below!

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Crowdfunded Tarot Decks, Mystical Curiosities and Other Goodies (March 2018)

Add to cart smallerHey guys!

Once in a while, I share crowd-funded Tarot deck and oracles here--exceptional ones that I've admired and backed.

I posted this funny "Add to Cart" meme on Facebook (Amazon and Etsy, anyone?), and Bonnie made this comment: Have this addiction to both tarot decks and yarn. Have Amazon, Ravelry, Etsy open..hope between reading about the deck, book, pattern or fiber and adding it to the cart. Only regret, do not hear about some crowd sourced decks until too late! You did a great job of making us aware of yours!

So, every month, I plan on posting Tarot decks, oracles, mystical curiosities, creativity boosters and other cools creations that have caught my attention on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. 99% of what I post, I will have backed. I'm what is known as a Kickstarter "Superbacker"--so  I'm a firm believer in being a Patron of the Arts and supporting fellow entrepreneurs that are bringing healing, beauty, comfort, whimsy and ease into the world.

In other words, I put my money where my mouth is.

Here's the first batch of goodies for you to drool over (and yes...whisper "I need to stop" as you click "become a backer". Ha!). 

Considerate Cat Tarot by Madeleine Belanger - Ending April 4, 2018 

Be Your Beauty Art Book Featuring the Surreal Art of Aquasixio by Hill Schroder - Ends April 5, 2018

Boxie Pet Home for Cats and Dogs - Ends April 7, 2018


 Tarotwave - An Aesthetic Inspired Tarot Deck by McKenna - Ends April 11, 2018


Enamel Pins: Zodiac Constellations by Ivy Chan - Ends April 12, 2018

Narata Storytelling Cards: Brainstorm Your Story by Kent Jensen - Ends April 19, 2018

Magic of Prophecy Tarot by Eye Psychics - Ends April 22, 2018

Bloom Playing Cards by Edgar Montoro - Ends April 23, 2018  

If you follow me on Kickstarter, you'll know as soon as I back something (should your taste be similar to mine). I've backed a few projects on IndieGoGo, but I tend to like/trust projects on Kickstarter much better.

I have to say, this appears to be the Golden Age of Tarot (and Oracle!) Decks. I'm so excited about the inventive, innovative directions that cartomancy is heading--especially as evidenced by crowdfunding projects and Etsy listings. In fact, I think it's been about two years (!) since I've bought a mass-market deck for myself.

Why? Well, commercially available decks tend to be same-o, same-o Rider-Waite-Smith clones (yawn). Independently produced decks take more artistic risks--usually sporting superior card stock, better boxes, lovely extras (bookmarks, signed prints, digital wallpapers, etc.) and a personal touch.

Indie database 300I'm so passionate about indie creators, I even have a database for cartomantic enthusiasts. Click here to take a peek. If you're favorite deck isn't listed--or you're a deck-creator that would like to be included--please feel free to let me know in the comments section below, through my Tarot Maven Facebook Page or email me through my website

And if you find out about a cool project on Kickstarter on IndieGoGo, by all means let me know that, too! I'm way too busy to keep up on every new project out there--so do be my eyes and ears. 

Enjoy the goodies! I plan on making a crowdfunding post once a month (at least). And let me know if you end up backing one or more of my suggestions so we can SQUEE! together.

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What the Hell is Mercury Retrograde?

In my latest Naked Tarot Podcast, I give you the scoop on Mercury Retrograde--including what it means when Merc Retro is in Aries (eep!)--as well as how to use Tarot cards to survive and thrive during this time.

How do you usually fare during Mercury Retrograde? Have any survival tips to share? Do weigh in at the comments below!

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Introducing the Naked Tarot Podcast

OK, you've been prodding me for years to start my own regular podcast.

NT Podcast it is! I'm thrilled to introduce the inaugural episode of my new podcast Naked Tarot. Listen in below:

You can follow my show here.

Huge thanks to my producer, Noah Boyer, for providing the original intro music and editing skills--and to voice-over artist Ron Boyer for the provocative introduction.

Let me know what you think--as well as topics you'd like me to cover on the show--in the comments below.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

P.S. You can also get my Naked Tarot Podcast through Podbean, Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play and Blubrry.

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Tarot Readings Page Makeover

I've finally--finally!--given my Tarot Readings page a much-needed makeover. I've been so busy writing books and co-creating decks, that I admit to some benign neglect in this department... Click here to check out the makeover. 

Need Insight

Here are the readings I'm offering:

Quickie One issue Creativityreading Supersize New year reading
Do you feel inspired to get some insight? If so, head on over to my readings page

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Your Natural Part

Got a fab haircut from a new friend last week--Robin Hearts-Love--and she made an observation that I feel applies to life.

Robin hearts lvoe

She said Do you want me to cut/style your hair following your natural part?

Hmmm? I replied. 

Your part. Is that the way it usually falls--or is your hair just doing its own thing today?

This is going to sound bizarre--but I wasn't conscious of the natural part in my hair. In fact, I parted it on the other side (when I'm actually parting).

I know, right? Duh.

I stammered. Um, I'm not sure. (In my defense, I was in a total brain fog all weekend).

She said Your life will be a lot easier if you go with your natural part

And so I did. And shall.

What does this have to do with life?

It occurred to me that our "natural part" is the way we bend--organically.

It's our strengths, our interests, our preferences. It what intrigues us, keeps our attention.

400 CoffeeStrength GE
Strength Card from the Coffee Tarot

Some--teachers, parents, mentors well-meaning life coaches--have advised us to work our asses off to build up our weaknesses.

In some cases, this is sound advice.

For example, if you want to lead workshops or host webinars and the very idea of speaking in public freaks you out, Toastmasters or voice lessons can really help you with both technique and confidence.

But for the most part, trying to bolster supposed weaknesses (i.e. an area in which you lack natural aptitude or interest) is time better spent identifying your strengths and maximizing them.

For example, I hate numbers. I don't even memorize phone numbers if I can help it. So, I'm not going to perform long division or multiplication problems to "help" my aversion towards math (shudder). I have a calculator, thankyouverymuch.

As an entrepreneur, time is money. I can choose to teach myself to make digital graphics, create a website or format a self-published book. Or, I can outsource these tasks to someone who's really good at it.

It depends on what you value--and how much control you want to retain.

But for the most part, I think going with our natural part not only makes life easier, but also provides a great foundation for expanding beyond our comfort zones in a (relatively) painless way towards the best "us" we can be.

What do you think, dear readers? Weigh in at the comments below!

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