Filling the Cup

Do I Want To

You've had the feeling before: the crackle of potential, excited by Possibility, knowing you can create a dozen different things by week's end...if you wanted to.

Just a few minutes ago on Facebook, a fellow Tarot deck creator (artist Judith Mackay Stirt, Cook's Tarot) said to me:

Ars longa, vita brevis

This Hippocratic aphorism offers a lot to ponder.

Life is short, but art is forever.

There's not enough time to do all that we want to--or even all that we are able (pushing ourselves, ignoring our families and forgetting to eat, notwithstanding). 

And our art may (or may not) "live forever". But what of it? When we pass, we won't be here to enjoy the fruits of our labor--or any posthumous accolades.

Just because you can doesn't mean you have to. Even if you happen to be brilliant, talented--a genius.

Who said we have to live for others? Slave at our art for the masses or posterity?

It's one thing if you have the passion and stamina to do so.

It's another if--for whatever reason--you've lost your "want to".

Sometimes, living life artfully--infusing everyday acts with creative flair (or just writing poetry for your own edification)--is enough.

Maybe, more than enough.

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