When You're "Too Much"

Forcing Life to Mean

Vg bluesWhy another blog? Why this blog?.

Answer #1: Recently, I emerged from a severe and serious “meaning crisis” related to creating. The specific causes don’t matter, really, but the questions they provoke do:

Does my work matter?

Why bother?

Who really gives a shit (other than me)?

Is it worth it?

Am I just wasting my time?

Thanks to the love of my little family, friends and a book titled The Van Gogh Blues: The Creative Person’s Path Through Depression by Eric Maisel, Ph.D.—as well as my decision to “force life to mean” (to quote Maisel))—I’ve experienced an epiphany:

My creative choices must stem from a personal creed—my very own declaration of meaning and purpose.

Not from expectations.

Or supporters.

Or haters.

Or the marketplace.

Or fellow Creatives.

I must decide what life means. What my art means. What I mean.

And I did that by asking:

What is my truth?

What are my principles?

What are my desires?

From that, I created a personal creed, a sturdy rationale for living and creating.

So answer #1 is that I’ve birthed another blog because, as an extrovert, I often need to “see” my assumptions, explorations and conclusions to form a feedback loop. An online journal, if you will.

Answer 2: Why this blog? For a long time, I wanted to blog about creativity, but I couldn’t figure out a satisfying, encompassing, personal angle.

Until now.

Emerging from my meaning crisis, I’ve becoming acutely aware of other hurting Creatives.

We live in a mean, jaded, shallow world full of pessimists, haters and malcontents.

But we’re not them.

We are Creatives. Destined to light fires, change perspectives, inspire visions and hold up a mirror to society.

We matter.

We are the beauty in life.

Creo is a Latin verb whose older and original meaning is “to make grow”. Literally translated, Creo means:

  1. I create, make, produce
  2. I beget, give birth to
  3. I prepare, cause
  4. I choose

So I decided to call this blog CREO, and snagged the domain name Creo.Life.

Here, I will share how I prepare, create, choose and birth.

And I hope Creo.Life serves as a beacon (or warm blanket) to other Creatives on this Heroic Journey of making art and making meaning.

Rose Buds
Rosebuds © Janet Boyer