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When You're "Too Much"

On Twitter, just spotted this quote from Wesley Snipes:

 Sometimes, our art is just "too much" for some people.

Too bold. Too brash. Too soft. Too sweet. Too biting. Too honest. Too diplomatic. Too colorful. Too monochromatic. Too complicated. Too cerebral. Too empathetic. Too simple. Too conventional. Too controversial.

Screw them. 

Each of us havs a set of archetypal "helpers", patterns that aid us in fulfilling our soul's primary goals. If we truly have at least twelve active archetypes in our psyche (per Caroline Myss), then, as Walt Whitman says, I am large, I contain multitudes.

And part of being "too much" is often connected to viewer/audience/reader/listener expectations. 

Sorry, but audience expectation isn't our problem (unless, say, we need to follow some story structure for fictional genre convention--or we're commissioned, specifically, to fill a client's wishes). 

The first part of that quote by Whitman says: Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself. 

Since most people don't like change, they get nervous when a favored artist switches up genres or appearances or mediums or attitudes. 

Hell, we often get nervous when switching creative gears (just look at all the pen-names that even famous authors use!)

Princess detective

So go on with your awesome selves. Be that Queen. Or Pioneer. Or Detective. Or Magical Child. 

And let your art reflect your "many-ness".

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