What Are Flower Essences?
10 Floral Essential Oils for Stress Relief

The 38 Bach Flower Essences

What are flower essences? Click here for my introductory post.

Bach flower essences
Eventually, Dr. Bach developed a Flower Essence combination called Rescue Remedy. It is effective in virtually any situation that causes stress or anxiety. If you take it before an event that you think will be stressful, Rescue Remedy will help you stay focused so you can get through it successfully. If stress comes as the result of something unexpected like an accident or sudden bad news, Rescue Remedy is reported to bring about a calming effect that helps put you back into control.

Rescue Remedy can be used by anyone, even pets. The 5 Essences that make up this Remedy are:

Rock Rose – Restores courage and peace of mind.
Star of Bethlehem – Neutralizes the trauma of receiving bad news.
Impatiens – Keeps you calm when feeling impatient, irritable, tense or frustrated.
Cherry Plum – Restores balance when you feel like you’re about to lose control.
Clematis – Keeps you focused when you have difficulty concentrating.

Rescue Remedy works for all stressful situations, but you may want to investigate other Essences for long-term stress relief—especially in conjunction with your unique personality combination.

The 38 Bach Flower Essences

In brief, here are the 38 Bach Flower Essences and what they generally govern:

Agrimony For when you put on a cheerful face to hide problems.

Aspen For when you have unexplained fears and worries, and are nervous and anxious.

Beech For when you are critical of others.

Centaury For when you have difficulty saying “no” and are anxious to please.

Cerato For when you doubt your own judgment, constantly seeking advice from others.

Cherry Plum For fear of losing control.

Chestnut Bud For failing to learn from experience and repeating the same mistakes

Chicory For being overly possessive and expecting others to conform to your values.

Clematis For daydreaming and a general lack of interest in the present.

Crab Apple For when you have a poor self image, or are ashamed or embarrassed by physical symptoms, features or characteristics.

Elm For when you feel overwhelmed or burdened by responsibility.

Gentian For when you are easily discouraged, hesitant  and despondent.

Gorse For when you feel hopelessness, despair and pessimism.

Heather For when you are self-absorbed, dislike being alone, or are overly talkative.

Holly For when you have feelings of extreme jealousy, and are envious and suspicious.

Honeysuckle For living in the past and feeling homesick and nostalgic.

Hornbeam For the “Monday morning” feeling and for doubting the ability to face the day’s work.

Impatiens For impatience and when you’re easily irritated.

Larch For lack of self-confidence and feelings of inferiority.

Mimulus For fear rooted in known causes (e.g. flying, spiders, heights, closed spaces, death, etc.).

Mustard For unexplained deep gloom.

Oak For when you are driven by a strong sense of duty and struggle on though exhausted.

Olive For when you feel exhausted in body and mind.

Pine For when you feel full of guilt, and blame yourself for the mistakes of others.

Red Chestnut For when you are over-anxious or over-concerned for others

Rock Rose When you’ve experienced terror, frozen by fear, and feel helpless.

Rock Water When you are inflexible and set very high standards for yourself.

Scleranthus For when you suffer from indecision and uncertainty between two choices.

Star of Bethlehem For when you’ve experienced trauma, grief or a fright.

Sweet Chestnut When you are at the limits of endurance and in deep despair.

Vervain For when you’re over-enthusiastic, high-strung and argumentative with rigid principles and ideas.

Vine For when you are strong-willed with a tendency to be domineering or inflexible.

Walnut For when you face major life changes and are in need of protection from the influences of others.

Water Violet For when you prefer to be alone, or are proud and aloof.

White Chestnut For unwanted thoughts, preoccupations and worries.

Wild Oat For when you can’t decide which path to follow and are dissatisfied with your current lifestyle.

Wild Rose For when you are apathetic and make little effort to improve situations.

Willow For when you are resentful and have feelings of self-pity and a “poor me” attitude.

For more information on each Bach Flower Remedy, visit the Bach Flower Foundation here.

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