Flora - Inside the Secret World of Plants

I bought the most amazing flower-centric book last week.


Published by DK (those awesome purveyors of eye-popping, educational books)--in conjunction with the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew--Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants is brimming with colorful images of flowers and plants--as well as tons of information relating to botanical science.

Here are some pics I snapped showcasing some of the dazzling, detailed information in this book:

Flora2 Flora3 Floral4 Flora5
Yeah...this book is as stunning as it looks! 

At this writing, (where I purchased my copy) has Flora: Inside the Secret Life of Plants at a ridiculously good price. Click here to check it out.

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The Flower Witch

Flora roman mural smaller
Roman Mural in Pompeii

Hello...and welcome.

I adore flowers.

Smitten with their beauty, mythology, smell and healing properties, I also use flowers as part of my spiritual path (I've not been vocal/public about this...until now).

This blog is dedicated exclusively to flowers, and includes my personal photography, original poems, magical practice, folklore, etc.

A word about the title of my blog: as you may know, the word "witch" has been maligned for centuries. However, an Oxford Etymologist posits that "witch" (and wicce) may very well have its roots in the Old English words wita, witega and witga--variations that connect to the verb wit, which means to know

If you're curious about anything related to my blog's topic--flower magic, history, mythology, horticulture, literature, incorporating blooms in ritual, Victorian language or sentiments, art and so on--just ask, and I'll be glad to answer in the comments below or via a post (or let you know if I just can't find the information for you using my extensive library).

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