Life Purpose Coaching with Janet Boyer helps people determine their values, discover their personality strengths and live life with purpose.

Welcome to Life Purpose Coaching with Janet Boyer!

Are you asking yourself "What is the meaning of my life?"

Do you wish you could figure out your natural gifts?

Are you confused about your life purpose/s?

Do you lack motivation and inspiration?

Is it challenging for you to find meaning?

Do you sometimes wonder "What's the point?" or "Why bother?"

Do you know what you truly value?

Are you curious about your innate personality strengths (and pitfalls)?

If any of the above sounds all too familiar, you're in the right place!

As a Certified Life Purpose Coach, I help people ascertain their deeply-held values and then we examine what life purpose/s support those values so they can live an authentic, purposeful and fulfilled life.

Many are out of alignment with their true values because:

  1. They never stopped to identify them (if you don't know your values, you can't live in alignment with them)
  2. They're living according to someone else's values (parents, teachers, peers, culture, religion, media)
  3. They've outgrown past values (yep, your values can--and do--change!)
  4. They've deemed some of their true values as frivolous, embarrassing or immoral

Would you like my free list of values for you to explore when determining your own? Click here to grab it from DropBox.

Some people may know what they value in life, but are hard-pressed to name their innate gifts--let alone their personality types.

By identifying our unique personal patterns via systems like the Enneagram, MBTI, Archetypal Array, Aura Colors/ANSIR, StrengthsFinder 2.0, etc., we can then leverage our personality strengths for a more purposeful and inspired life.

And personality pitfalls? Those are important, too!

By knowing your personality's weaknesses--where you tend to get tripped up by trying to force your square peg into a round hole--you can then avoid making choices that may drain, discourage or sabotage your desire to live a purposeful, fulfilled life.

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Playing to your strengths is smart--and takes the frustration out of trying to be something you're not. When you step into your authentic self, clarity descends: you begin to align your behavior and decisions according to your core values and the true you

The result? Increased purpose, satisfaction and well-being.

How do I know this?

Well, apart from being a Certified Life Coach and Life Purpose Coach, I've studied multiple personality systems for over 20 years. In fact, in 2003, I spent a week with Sandra Seich and other coaches studying the ANSIR system and WorkforceDNA. Sadly, Sandra passed away in 2009--and was unable to finish her brilliant, groundbreaking work.

Also, I majored in Pastoral Ministry, with one of my double minors in Psychology. I went on to become an ordained, practicing pastor and spiritual counselor because I was on a quest to find out who I was, what made me tick and how I could best use my innate gifts to not only help myself, but also others.Click here to learn more about me.

So what about you, fellow traveler? Are you ready to live authentically, meaningfully and joyfully by:

  • Drilling down to discover your core values
  • Finding out your personality type/s so you can maximize your strengths
  • Determining your life purpose/s--and actions/decisions that support them
  • Creating meaning-making opportunities in alignment with your values

We'll discover all these via worksheets, phone sessions and email/FB Messenger. 

Let's do this! Visit my Services page here to work with me.

You've got this--and you're not alone.

-- Janet

About Me

In Enneagram typology, I'm a Type 7 (aka The Enthusiast or Generalist)--with a huge 8 wing (7w8). In the MBTI, I'm an ENFP, but F/T has always been 50/50. In the VIA Character Strengths Survey, my Top 5 are Bravery, Honesty, Love, Creativity and Perspective. In the CliftonStrengths Assessment, my Top 5 Strengths are Input, Strategic, Ideation, Maximizer and Learner. In the ANSIR system, I'm a Visionary/Healer/Philosopher (Philosopher "Boss"). In The Fascinate System, my highest scores are Innovation + Power = Maverick Leader.

If you're into "woo woo", I'm a Scorpio Sun/Aries ASC/Aquarius Moon. In the Chinese Zodiac, I'm a Metal Dog. In Numerology, my Life Path is 7. In Tarot, my Birth Cards are The Chariot and The Tower.

And my deeply-held values?

  • Increasing Consciousness on the Planet
  • Creating
  • Variety
  • Comfort
  • Excellence
  • Authenticity/Honesty
  • Originality
  • Joy/Fun
  • Abundance

All this explains why I was (and excelled at):

  • A credit card solicitor for Sears
  • A formally-trained ordained pastor
  • A sound engineer
  • An interior designer
  • A webmaster
  • A blogger Janet headshot 300
  • Hall of Fame Reviewer (over 1200 reviews)
  • A social media manager
  • A Tarot expert, professional reader and author
  • An intuitive deck co-creator (Snowland Deck and Coffee Tarot)
  • A radio show host and guest (including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory)
  • Homeschooling Mom (all 12 years)
  • Award-winning cook (Taste of Home Magazine)
  • Artisan store owner/manager (ChezBoyer on Etsy)
  • Kitty foster mom
  • Essential Oil Alchemist

As you know, I'm presently a Certified Professional Life Coach (Transformation Academy)--but I also love designing and making jewelry.

And being married to my beloved soulmate of 23 years? And being mom to our precious 22-year-old son on the Autism spectrum? With 4 (!) feline fur babies? Living in beautiful rural southwestern Pennsylvania? Priceless!