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About Me

In Enneagram typology, I'm a Type 7 (aka The Enthusiast or Generalist)--with a huge 8 wing (7w8). In the MBTI, I'm an ENFP, but F/T has always been 50/50. In the VIA Character Strengths Survey, my Top 5 are Bravery, Honesty, Love, Creativity and Perspective. In the CliftonStrengths Assessment, my Top 5 Strengths are Input, Strategic, Ideation, Maximizer and Learner. In the ANSIR system, I'm a Visionary/Healer/Philosopher (Philosopher "Boss"). In The Fascinate System, my highest scores are Innovation + Power = Maverick Leader.

If you're into "woo woo", I'm a Scorpio Sun/Aries ASC/Aquarius Moon. In the Chinese Zodiac, I'm a Metal Dog. In Numerology, my Life Path is 7. In Tarot, my Birth Cards are The Chariot and The Tower.

And my deeply-held values?

  • Increasing Consciousness on the Planet
  • Creating
  • Variety
  • Comfort
  • Excellence
  • Authenticity/Honesty
  • Originality
  • Joy/Fun
  • Abundance

All this explains why I was (and excelled at):

  • A credit card solicitor for Sears
  • A formally-trained ordained pastor
  • A sound engineer
  • An interior designer
  • A webmaster
  • A blogger Janet headshot 300
  • Amazon.com Hall of Fame Reviewer (over 1200 reviews)
  • A social media manager
  • A Tarot expert, professional reader and author
  • An intuitive deck co-creator (Snowland Deck and Coffee Tarot)
  • A radio show host and guest (including Coast to Coast AM with George Noory)
  • Homeschooling Mom (all 12 years)
  • Award-winning cook (Taste of Home Magazine)
  • Artisan store owner/manager (ChezBoyer on Etsy)
  • Kitty foster mom
  • Essential Oil Alchemist

As you know, I'm presently a Certified Professional Life Coach (Transformation Academy)--but I also love designing and making jewelry.

And being married to my beloved soulmate of 23 years? And being mom to our precious 22-year-old son on the Autism spectrum? With 4 (!) feline fur babies? Living in beautiful rural southwestern Pennsylvania? Priceless!


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