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10 Reasons Why My Friend Jennifer Loves the Idea of This Blog

Jennifer Pic
On Facebook, my friend Jennifer listed 10 reasons she loves the ideas of my new blog. (I LOVE THISSSSS!!! was her actual reply).

They are:

1. I need more fun in my life!
2. I love making lists
3. We can probably all count to 10
4. Ten marks the end/beginning of a cycle so it’s a fun number for encouraging reflections
5. Random topics = creative wonderland
6. Ten items are enough stretch your imagination a bit but not so many that you get totally bored before the end
7. Did I mention I have a short attention span?
8. Oops

Am I lucky to have a friend like her or what? ^_^

Dear Reader, if you happen to like the idea of Janet's Lists of 10 Blog, by golly--leave your reasons in the comments below!


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Thanks so much for sharing my silly!! Love you! ❤️❤️

Janet Boyer

Love you, too, goofball! ❤️ ;o)

Dan Johnson

If you are promoting Jenny King silly and creativity, count me in! We all could use more Jenny King silliness and creativity in our lives.

Janet Boyer

I am ABSOLUTELY promoting "Jenny King silly", Dan! HAHAHA! I totally agree. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope to see you again. ;o)

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