Welcome to the Naked Tarot Mystical Messengers, a deck created by the slightly deranged minds of Janet Boyer and Craig Conely.

The Enigma of St. Lucy

The ancient and occulted forces speak, softly and in cipher, of a world or worlds teeming with conscious entities, but entities whose nature, customs, and behaviours lay beyond the ken of human conceptualization. —Richard Gavin, The Benighted Path

St. Lucy is truly a mystery. St. LucyWe know that her name comes from the Latin for "light."  We know that she was a martyr in Syracuse during the Diocletianic Persecution of 304 AD.  All other history has been lost to the sands of time.  There are various stories, but details are contradictory at best.  In medieval accounts, her eyes are gouged out before her execution, though some stories say she gouged them out herself to discourage an unwelcome suitor who admired them.  The events surrounding St. Lucy's death are only legends; her life is technically unknown.  All we can know for sure is that she has nonetheless been venerated for centuries as a symbol of courage and bravery. In Naked Tarot, St. Lucy is associated with the Page of Wands.

In the absence of any surviving written documentation for 200 years after her death, St. Lucy communicates to us from beyond the realm of language, through the very fact of her existence. She has emerged from a long slumber to silently speak of endurance, of death and of rebirth. The life of this saint spans over 1,700 years of human achievement and mystery. When considered in that context, most of our “all important” concerns seem rather petty. The purpose of this insight is not to trivialize your current problems, but rather to give you a healthy perspective. Now is a time for wordless wonderment. If you must have an immediate answer, it is twofold: When the words get in the way, allow silence to speak for you; burying does not necessitate disposing of and forgetting.

In silence, contemplate the wonder of the unseen mysteries of life and upon the wonder of the seen world. Positioned in this “threshold” vantage point, let awe wash over and through you as you contemplate the wonder of the universe, of the stars, of a tree, and of the human body. Then move on to reflections about the ineffable wonder of our capacity to dream, to think, to imagine, and to create. Marvel at your very ability to experience wonder, to be moved by a silent awe that can be more powerful than any articulated sound.

The Team Behind the Naked Tarot Mystical Messengers

Craig smallerCraig Conley and I have been internet pals for years. I can honestly say he's the brightest, smartest and most creative person I've ever met. If you haven't had the pleasure of "meeting" Craig, check out his website to see the formidable collection of books, decks and curiosities he's created. Also, check out his Etsy store (anyone fancy mind-bending answers to 44 questions via a "Spirit Box or a reading from an Augural Agglomerator of 33 oracles?). 

For my book Naked Tarot, I provide myriad correspondences for each card in the Tarot, including Disney Totems, Animal Symbols, Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Crystals/Stones and--yes--Mystical Messengers. And it occurred to me that any, and all, could turn into a helpful, illuminating Tarot deck.

So I turned to Craig, seeing if such a project would be up his quirky alley. 

Thankfully, he said yes!

ME 9 of Earth 300And who am I? Oh, just a hopeless creator who can't stop generating ideas and making things. I write books, blog posts and reviews. I co-create decks (just like this one, except I usually work with my artist husband/soulmate, Ron). I'm a Creative Director/Artist Wrangler (latest group project TarotDayDeck.com). A homeschooling Mom (son just graduated). Cat Momma. Patron of the Arts. Domestic Goddess. Whew, I'm exhausted just reading my own truncated bio!

You can a more comprehensive scoop on my who and what at JanetBoyer.com

Craig and I hope you enjoy our journey in creating the Naked Tarot Mystical Messengers Deck--including sharing historical tidbits about each messenger, our creative process, art-in-progress and finished cards--and would love to hear from you in the comments section here at our blog. 

Tarot on!

-- Janet 

Why Mystical Messengers?

Gaucho border 400
Gaucho Gil, Argentina's Cowboy Saint, Correlates to the Hanged Man (Art by Craig Conley)

Gods, goddesses, demigods, saints, angels, etheric beings—whatever you call these assistants from “the Other Side”, their qualities and trademark “power packs” have been documented in sacred and channeled texts for centuries. Because these Divine Messengers are so “big”, so “other”, we humans sometimes find difficulty in connecting with such potent Beings on our own. By connecting a Divine Messenger with a Tarot card, we create a tangible reminder of a particular skill set, gift or energy imparted from these heavenly helpers.

For my book Naked Tarot, I researched mythology, religious icons and folkloric saints to find sensible correspondences for each of the 78 card in a Tarot deck. It wasn't easy--some were equally appropriate for a particular card--but I'm happy with the final pantheon (and I hope you are, too). 

-- Janet