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Fave Headshot 400Hey there!

Gosh, I've done a lot in my 51 years! A full bio would take for-evah. Would you mind if I did a bullet list featuring just a few things?

I mean, I know you're busy...

OK, here goes (from most recent to distant):

* Will celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary to my soulmate Ron in August 2022 (I met him a year after my first husband died of leukemia)

* Mom to an absolutely wonderful adult son on the Autism spectrum (I homeschooled him to graduation)

* Fur-Mom to five rescue cats

  • Certified Professional Life Coach through Transformation Academy (also certified in Life Purpose and Art Therapy)
  • Mixed Media Artist, Journal Maker and Jewelry Artisan (you can find my work at ChezBoyer.Etsy.com, including the decks I've co-created with my husband--Coffee Tarot and Snowland Deck--and bags sewn by our son)
  • Author of Back in Time Tarot (2008, Hampton Roads Publishing), Tarot in Reverse (2012, Schiffer Books) and Naked Tarot (2018, Dodona Books)--and the companion books to our two decks
  • Former Pentecostal minister (I attended Valley Forge University, formerly called Valley Forge Christian College, from 1989-1992 majoring in Pastoral Ministry with a double minor in English Literature and Psychology)
  • Amazon.com Hall of Fame Reviewer with over 1200 reviews (most are self-help books and decks)
  • Multi-published author of articles in print and digital magazines
  • Radio guest, including shows like Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and the Paranormal Podcast with Jim Harold
  • Award-Winning Cook (Taste of Home Magazine)

And that's just a few things! ;o)

Oh, and if you happen to be a personality system junkie like me:

Smiling in ParkIn Enneagram typology, I'm a Type 7 (aka The Enthusiast or Generalist)--with a huge 8 wing (7w8). In the MBTI, I'm an ENFP, but F/T has always been 50/50. In the VIA Character Strengths Survey, my Top 5 are Love, Perspective, Honesty, Creativity and Curiosity. In the CliftonStrengths Assessment, my Top 5 Strengths are Input, Strategic, Ideation, Maximizer and Learner. In the ANSIR system, I'm a Philosopher "Boss" (with strong Visionary, Evokateur and Healer thrown in). In The Fascinate System, my highest scores are Innovation + Power = Maverick Leader.

If you're into "woo woo", I'm a Scorpio Sun/Aries ASC/Aquarius Moon. In the Chinese Zodiac, I'm a Metal Dog




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