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I used to do Tarot Readings entirely online, via email, but quite frankly--they were really Life Coaching sessions! Of course, I didn't realize it at the time, because I hadn't yet studied to be a Life Coach (although my minor in college was Psychology).

Mirror FaceHow do I know they were actually Life Coaching sessions? Well, unlike most Tarot Readers out there (who are fortune-tellers), I would specifically tell almost every client:

Tell me everything you need insight into--your struggles, goals, problematic habits, limiting beliefs, where you're at in life, etc. 

This is usually unheard of, because most Tarot readers like to go into a session completely blind and let the cards "tell all" (the problem AND the solution).

Me, I've always wanted the responsibility to sit squarely where it should: on the client. The CLIENT should tell me what he or she needs. The CLIENT should outline his or her goals. The CLIENT should tell me where he/she is...and where he/she wants to be. 

I am just a facilitator. A brainstorming partner. An accountability buddy. A gentle guide leading the client back to their own powerful, innate, intuitive wisdom. 

And this is yet another difference between Tarot Reading and Tarot Life Coaching.

Having said that, here are Testimonials from my many years of Tarot Consulting, writing and deck co-creation:


Boy, the precision of your reading is out of this world! -- Liudmila Y., Illinois
Dear Janet, Your intuitive reading was brilliant, as have been your other postings here on FB...you have really opened my eyes for Tarot divination by your work. Did not find such depth elsewhere. Thank you for your work. Kind regards, -- Minna T., Finland
I have to say, I've never had a reader so open to communicating at all. That shows that you are in this business for the greater good. -- Adrianna C., New Jersey
Ohmyheavens, yes, this reading makes perfect sense!  I’m in the process of shifting my business focus – and working on making it less stressful. This is perfect!! Thank you so much!--Alesia Z., Oregon
Dear, oh Dear Janet,You can't imagine how your reading resonated in me! Reading your words when you told me that I don't owe anyone anything, and that going my own way is a sign of growth, freedom and autonomy, couldn't be more accurate. I deeply thank you, for you have contributed to help me in the most beautiful way, and the gratitude I feel towards you is a wonderful feeling which, I hope, radiates over the ocean to reach you. Blessings to you! -- Gaëlle Pennquin, France
Your readings are not only accurate but intelligent, relatable and hilarious as well! You've helped me to understand a lot of subconscious things I haven't thought of that that are still relevant factors to be able to change my life for the better, without any judgement. I will definitely be going to you again! I can't Thank You enough soul mama ♥.  -- Ociana Voss, Phoenix, Arizona
Thank you so much again for this reading. I have printed it off and am keeping it by my bedside to remind me again and again what I need to do. The Nurturer Emoting really spoke to me. I also found the Energy cards amusing. Yes. That is pretty clear, isn’t it?! The whole reading is pretty clear. I have to learn to take care, love, but let go. Not an easy thing for me. Not ever, I realize. Have been taking care of someone since I was a child. It seems selfish not to be doing it. I have to change my mind set.-- Kathy F., Indiana
Thank you, thank you! I have read the reading through once, and I will read it again, and again. I love your approach. And yes, I am afraid to shine my light, although I have a big light! -- Mary Elyn B., California
Wow. Dear Janet, always so inspiring and exciting to hear back from you. I devoured the reading, filled with precious reminders. You were like a mirror reflecting my thoughts and feelings.  Yes, I was worried about the big leap of faith, making the ends, going or not going the full route. What really matters is that there are so many ways of doing what I want to do, I sure will keep my options open with an open mind, -- Ebru T., California
Janet, this is Lori you did a reading over the phone with me on Friday. Well I just wanted to email you to let you know that I finally heard from my boyfriend...I can't thank you enough for the reading it was amazing! -- Lori W., Pennsylvania
OMG Janet, you are so awesome. That reading was SPOT ON!  Thank you for the explanation on that 9 of Wands card. I get it now. I get what the Tarot is trying to say..  -- Paula H., New York
Good evening and THANK YOU!!!! Your reading is SPOT ON and accurate. Thanks so much! -- Anne J.
Wow, Janet, the Embracing and Release cards in my New Year Reading resonate big time, especially the Queen of Swords. I've been trying so hard to be kinder to myself, but then I turn right around and do that stinkin' thinkin'! Thank you so much! -- Gayle T., Virginia
THANK YOU for the reading. Very concise! I so easily wander down trails a rambling. 'laugh'  AND the timing was PERFECT!  Doubt I would have been emotionally 'ready' to 'hear' at an earlier date. Thank You So Much for your Warm and Helpful Insights!-- Kimberly S., Arizona
Thank you thank you thank you! I loved my reading! You rock, Janet! -- Samantha T., Michigan
Thanks Janet, this 3-card reading was great and it feels spot-on!  I loved the Pro / Con / Advice approach. -- James L., Arizona
Whoa Janet!  This reading is deep not only about a situation but my personality and the way I go about things. Dang girl you are the best! The reading said everything I was feeling for sure but couldn't get the solid information to transfer to my brain. Really you are as fantastic as I thought. That intuitive voice told me to get in touch with you. I look forward to working with you again for my birthday! -- Cinde A., Illinois
You are totally amazing!  This reading gave me the necessary insight I needed to trust my gut instinct (that I was ignoring) and go ahead and accept my severance package.  Yesterday I ran into an acquaintance I had not seen in nearly 2 years, who is opening a new business.  He needs advice on computers, software, and also wants a website (all of which I can offer within my own business!). Opportunities are starting to develop for me now, because I am open to possibilities - thanks to your insightful thoughts! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  The weight of the world is no longer on my shoulders.  :) - Debra J., North Carolina

As excited as I was to go on vacation for a few days, I was even more excited to come back knowing your reading was waiting for me!  Somehow I had the feeling you'd be right on!  I'm glad to report that I found the entire reading very enlightening and comforting.  In particular, your final advice immediately brought me peace.  Thank you so much. -- Sylvia S., Los Angeles, California
Your sensitivity and intuitiveness came through once again in your reading. It was like all that was already there suddenly made sense to me and with that the peace and the realization that all will continue as it should.  Thank you for helping me. I feel so much better and look forward to life's next chapter. Janet, you are blessed to be doing what your natural talents have led you to do. Thank you again for a superlative reading. Best wishes for a happy holiday. -- Shelley N., West Virginia
I have to tell you this is amazing. There was NO ONE I could talk with about this. I couldn't confide in anyone from the church because I knew they'd be judgmental. I couldn't confide in my husband or friends because I was afraid they'd leave me. And here you are, a fellow Christian, who can give me guidance and answer questions like a prophet! You don't know how much this means to me! Thank you again. You are truly a godsend.-- Gayle T., Virginia
I wanted to thank you again for doing a superb job on my reading. Just wanted to confirm to you the accuracy of the reading. Most of the reading did cover a lot of what actually is going on internally...and things I am engaged in already -- few of the things are a tough course really! Most of all I really appreciate the list of books you suggested -- they are phenomenal. Thanks again so much Janet! God bless you and the amazing helping hand you're giving to a lot of people out there. -- Saeed S., Florida
Thank you so much for the truly insightful reading—your gift comes through quite clearly!  I appreciate your sincere warmth combined with your well-balanced professionalism.  Your ability to communicate on many levels is evident.  I like the way you combine numeric vibrations with your reading; it seems to give it more of a “fullness”.  I can’t explain why, really, since I’m not at all familiar with numerology and have not had any kind of psychic reading in about twenty years. -- Kate S., New York
First of all I'm blown away by your answers in my reading. They're really accurate, especially about the "relationship." I do indeed believe I deserve more. -- Donna W., Illinois
You are a wonderful intuitive! I'm so glad that I was able to find you. Thank you for the wonderful reading. The reading has served a gentle reminder to sit down, make a decision what I want and follow through. I will come back for more readings, especially a detailed reading towards my career. You have a wonderful gift. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!...I will continue to keep in touch. You are a gentle and kind soul! You have no idea how much your reading has resonated with my soul! -- Melissa A.
Janet, your reading is precise, intuitive, deeply thoughtful and wise.  I appreciate the winks of joy in the mix.  Thank you for your time, effort and caring in putting together this helpful roadmap.  A lot of you went into it, and yet you stepped aside adroitly when the cards had their piece to say.  I am grateful for your ability to walk this edge. I felt as though you were in my living room and in my psyche during your reading here. Know that I will speak of you to others when the opportunity presents. -- Illona R., Arizona
Thank you very much for the reading [and] for answering all my questions and providing additional resources to help me. The reading was insightful & informative and I thank you. -- Kathy V., New Jersey
Hi Janet, I saw your reading for me early this morning [which included caretaking children and focusing on kids] as I was sitting at the midwife's waiting for a granddaughter to be born. :-) So yes, the reading definitely resonated. Thank you again. P.S. (I brought your book on Amazon on how to learn how to read Tarot.) -- Patricia O., Florida
Thanks so much, Janet.  Your insights are always right on – even when I don’t want to hear them. If I had listened to you about [this issue], I could have saved myself months of pain. -- Debra, Pacific Northwest, USA
Thank you so much for the reading.  I know all those things you say are true.  I need to get out of toxic relationships, take care of ME, and work on getting myself "full emotionally" so that I can attract healthy people to me. -- Jody B., Maine
Dear Janet, Thanks so much. The reading resonates with me on many levels. It feels very accurate as evidenced by the tears it has evoked. Thanks again for a wonderfully intuitive and supportive reading. I appreciate your offer to clarify any points and would like to sit with it for a day, though I suspect I will continue to experience your insights quite clearly. With much gratitude,  -- Sarah H., Ph.D., Hartford, Connecticut
I have been wanting to get back to you about my recent reading.  Your reading was right on--so much so, that I have spent much time poring over it!  What amazes me most is that it matches the guidance I have received from my mental health therapist and my husband (and soulmate).  They see the same things about me.  Now is the time for action not inaction!!  What you sensed about my family situation resonated with me deeply. Janet, I include you among the very few people I turn to when I'm looking for guidance. You are so much more than a "card reader". You have a gift for interpretation and the gift of helping people. Thank you for sharing that with me.   -- Shelley N., West Virginia
Sorry it took me 2 weeks to reply on your insightful reading, but WOW has it helped me...! It was extremely accurate, very true to myself, and opened up my mind to things I haven't considered. I especially appreciate all the book recommendations, which I will look into reading. I know you put a lot of time into this, and I am so grateful, and thank you very much. Your reading eased my mind and gave me more confidence in my abilities. I will be in touch with you in the future for more readings....-- Tina S., Queens, NY
Your insight on career was spot on. I received a great job offer and I have joined a new company now. --  Jay J., San Dimas, California
This reading has been very helpful in being a confirmation of the energy that is manifesting for me just now. Thanks for your very useful and accurate reading. --  Martha M., Virginia
Hi Janet! Thank you for doing the reading and helping me along the path to a new career!  It certainly helped me generate new ideas, realizations and the cards seemed to "fit"! -- Jenny S., White Plains County, New York
Hi Janet! Thanks for the reading and sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have been processing it for a while now. You really hit the nail on the head! I am really discovering my independence also. Thanks again! - V.Y., Kentucky
Thank you so very much for your time and insight.  The past and present assessments could not be more accurate--it's uncanny! - Dawn R., Syracuse, New York
The reading you did was SO helpful! Thank you!!! I also told my mom about it so you might be hearing from her about a reading, too. - Ingrid. S., San Francisco, California
You are the Jedi master of tarot readings! That's all. -- Lorraine Roe, The Psychic Housewife
Thank you! This [reading] is pretty much spot on I think. You have a way with words that cuts through all the hard stuff and gets to the heart and that is good. -- Donna B., QLD Australia
Wow, Janet thank you.  I could really feel your wonderful spirit pouring through those words.  I think I found that more comforting than what I actually read...very refreshing. And you hit on the head. Thanks again Janet! -- D. Terrell, Illinois
Your reading is perfect! Very, very helpful...The reading reads true in every possible way and is very, very encouraging. Thank you so much! It was really a terrific reading. -- Mekeel McBride, Maine
Dear Janet, Thank you for your reading! It is very accurate and I've already made a bold move that, in a couple of months, will guarantee a transition out of my current job and into something new and different. I have to have the faith now that God will provide. -- Emily L., Brooklyn, New York
Thank you so much Janet, I really appreciate it! I identify with essentially everything that you wrote for my reading], and I am so excited to have the outside confirmation...Thanks again, both for the excellent reading and for the information about how you prepare for a reading. -- Jennifer W., Missouri
I wanted to do a new comprehensive reading because the first one was not only accurate, but it provided some stunning advice that really resonated with me and pointed me in the right direction.  I took a lot of your advice without even realizing it. I see that now looking back, that the stance I took in some situations were probably from seeds planted in that reading.  I hope to do that again. -- Toni V., Boulder, Colorado
Thank you so much for my reading!  Yes, I have found it to be useful, what you describe fits in with a lot of what I'm feeling right now. This is another message that tells me to focus on myself and being true to who I am.  It's as you said, I've been afraid that I won't meet anyone else and I feel like I compare other guys to him and the level of friendship that we have.  I need to fully let go and follow the advice that you gave me. -- Jennifer O., Virginia
Thank you, Janet, for the reading and thank you for your wise words! Very much appreciated!  -- Allison, Colorado
Thank you Janet.  Your readings are always very inspiring and on the spot.  I have attended a workshop for becoming a hospice volunteer 2 weeks ago and it showed up on your reading, amazing. I ordered the books you recommended and can't wait to read them. -- Ebru Tontas, San Francisco, California
I found the reading very helpful and accurate. I cannot thank you enough, or tell you how this reading has helped me not only with my head, but my heart. It took me so long to respond back to you because I needed time to read it. I read it twice a day since I got it.  Each time I read it I understood more, and got more out of it. You are right as to me trying to understand this in a scientific way. I guess that's how my brain thinks. But, as you can tell that has not worked for me. I went to your site and found myself drawn to you for some reason. I looked over your site and found you inspiring to my soul. I've been to many different sites looking for Tarot books to help me with learning the Tarot, but never felt like I did when I went to your site. I immediately knew you were the one to do my reading. I've been wanting a reading, but was looking for someone that I truly felt comfortable with, and of course the feeling of trust. You gave me both those things. -- Sherri S., Florida
PERFECT, and I just did a "letting go" of someone who is basically a source of gossip etc. and believe it or not it was good advice from you...Thanks so much for the reading; it means the world to me and it does put me where I need to go. MMMWAAHHHH. So glad to have found you again. I'm at ease just knowing you are there :o)  -- Eva O., Nevada
Thank you so much for reading for me.  You are amazingly accurate and insightful. And your questions did cover everything...with your reading and emails you have given me much more than I paid for. You obviously follow the highest ethical standards. Thank you for being such a blessing. -- Sandra P., Hampton, Virginia
Thank you so much for your gentle prodding and the considerate way that you've handled this reading. I am hoping that I will have a better connection with my higher self and that I will be able to open up more and step outside the box to hear what my higher self is trying to tell me. I will let you know how it goes. -- Laurie S., Clarkdale, Arizona
Um, Janet, WOW. You just covered a TON of things I've thought about in relation to this project I've been debating doing. Thanks again for the clarity. This is beyond helpful. Can't tell you how much calmer I've begun to feel since getting this and the other information. The insights are so helpful. I'm looking forward to making my choices! Some of your insights are in areas I didn't ever allude to. But they're spot on anyway. And, yes, I'll be back. Janet, this is helpful, helpful stuff.  You take great care of yourself and thanks again for your patience with a "newbie".-- Jo S., Evanston, Illinois
In summary, your reading was great. It nailed his emotions perfectly...you are so concise and can really target the energy involved. Thank you for your reading, and your proverbial "ear" to listen...  -- E.D., Las Vegas, Nevada
THANK YOU!  So many things you said are right on the money.  My job is ALL ABOUT putting out fires.  What you said about pulling weeds only to have more crop right up, that describes my job exactly. -- Jackie G., Massachusetts
Thank you for the reading — I found it on target for the direction I need to take now. -- L.N.
WOW!  You are, for sure, the real deal. I am awestruck. Sincere thanks!  -- Lynn P., North Carolina
Thanks so much. The reading that you gave me was so accurate that it was a bit eerie. The reading was bang on for me and just what I needed to hear at this point in my life.  Excellent! I think I may indulge myself in having another reading sometime very soon... :-) -- Lynn, Canada
I knew as soon as I opened up your email and glanced at the cards that came up that this indeed was MY reading.  I know just enough about Tarot to scare myself with my own readings -- so no surprises in what you drew -- other than I'm completely dumbfounded in the mystery of how that "works" --- you being in (another state) and I am in Illinois and you had nothing but an email address and a name...You've been very gracious. I can't thank you enough. I appreciate your honesty and well constructed thoughts. You write so well -- I respected your reviews on Amazon.com, and that's why I checked you out further. You're a rare and talented individual, and I feel so fortunate to have your benevolent guidance. -- Mary Kay, Illinois
Thank you very much for getting the reading to me so quickly.  It really was quite accurate!  I have read through it several times and find it very helpful...the reading regarding my career really hit home. I'm sure as the year progresses, you will hear from me again with another request for a reading.  Your thoroughness and understanding is great. -- Beth G., Chicago, Illinois
Janet, You wowed me with your interest and genuine care [for my reading].  THANK YOU.  I will definitely take you up on your offer to bounce things off you (and maybe ask you to read a bit of it and give me some feedback?).  Thank you, too, for the suggested book. Your generosity touches me, Janet.  Many thanks.  I know, too, that what goes around comes around, and my guess is your life is filled with blessings.  I'll stay in touch. -- Claudette B.
You have wowed me and made my night - all in one paragraph - Thank you for your insight.  WOW - I must say, I'm still peeling my jaw from the ground - you have a very strong gift - thank you for sharing it. -- Caroline, Morrison, Colorado
Thanks so much for your reading. I found it very insightful and synchronistic with other information I have received. -- Patricia B., Georgia
Your reading was wonderful! Thanks Janet! As far as the first few lines about work and last year; that was dead on.  It seems that I turned into a workaholic this year and had been working non-stop which is very much unlike any other year. As for the rest of the reading, I feel it's a very accurate description of the lessons I'm currently learning and working on in my life and I am taking the guidance given to find and follow my passion, whatever that may be. I look forward to more of your readings and in fact, I'll be placing another order this evening.  Thanks for communicating with me and providing such great information.-- K.C., Rhode Island
Hello Janet, Thank you for going ahead and acting on your intuition. The [Comprehensive Reading] is very helpful for us...Your reading has given us smiles and made our hearts lighter. I can say my heart is peaceful right now. Thank you. -- Sue B., Kalispell, Montana
Thank you, Janet! This [Career Reading] is just great. I know my role is supposed to be "Mom" right now, and you've really helped put things in perspective :) -- T.S., California
Hi Janet, Thank you. Once again you are right on the money. Also thank you for...not really holding any punches. -- Holli B., New Jersey
Janet! Thank you very much for the reading.  Your reading was above and beyond.  Much to consider.. and pursue.  I feel my leaning toward healing was again given reaffirming from the Universe via your reading. Yes!  Indeed I felt it resonated.  I have read it over a few times and will again later...Thank you very much. Much Affection, -- T. N., Vista, California
Thank-you for the reading!. and yes, I can relate to that card. Recently I've become more aware of how certain situations/people can affect my energy and I've been trying to 'protect' myself by asking for white light and additional spiritual 'guidance'. I have also been trying to save and build a little 'nest egg' just for me. I think this card also speaks to my fears. I have 'clung' to things that make me miserable out of fear. I am learning that true strength comes from the inside-out and I will be fine once I 'let go'. I can either 'cling' and never grow or take a bolder option to grow and shine. Thank-you again! - Laura T., Virginia
Wow – this just takes my breath away. THANK YOU for this reading, Janet.  I think it is spot on. - D.Y., Washington State
Dear Janet, I've been meaning to send an email to you for a while. I absolutely loved my reading!! I can't believe that for the Halloween special, I received all that information! I'm not one for puzzles when trying to dig down deep and work on my issues, so I was happy that your insight was accurate, easy to understand and straightforward. -- Laurie S., Arizona
I want to thank you for your overly generous reading as I felt that you spent much more time than you should have. Your reading was of much more value (and provided much more additional insights) than the original cost...May this New Year bring you all the special joys and happiness that you have brought to others...It's such a pleasure to be able to touch base with someone who has a gift to zero right in and make an instant impact by their chosen words! I truly appreciate your openness and vitality, which I know makes you the special person that you are, and for myself a very fortunate person to have met you.  -- Cathy Osborne, San Diego, California
Thanks again Janet!  Your cards are right on target...The funny thing is [my Mother-in-law] pretty much told me the same thing about a week ago...Thanks so much for all your help. -- M.M., Raleigh, North Carolina
Thanks so much for working on this so diligently and quickly. I think the reading was done very well and I'm very pleased with it. Also, I enjoyed your article on spiritual dependency. Very helpful. -- V.W., Scottsdale, Arizona
Thank you very much for the reading...and one of the reasons I chose you was because I'm a huge fan of your Monthly Astro Forecasts (cos they're always so spot on) and you haven't disappointed me in this reading as well!!  SPOT ON, Janet :) -- SPK, Singapore
Thanks so much for the reading— I found it fascinating, especially the one based on the Zodiac.  Several of the card placements seem right on, in particular the First House, since I’m slowly growing into my skin and becoming more comfortable, and the Twelfth House card, since fear of lack is, indeed, a big thing for me.  The Sun being in the Tenth House spot is especially intriguing, since my career can be tangentially considered part of the entertainment field and to say I’d be experiencing some “spotlight” moments is very interesting.  I’m very impressed with the reading...
-- B.P., Florida
Janet, thank you, you were right on the mark...you have given me insight into what I am feeling and experiencing and I am thankful.  I will go forward and see what action I need to take.  Thank you for sharing your gift -- Diane R.
Thanks for the reading.  I felt it resonated pretty well, if a little scary.  Your interpretation solidified my own sense that I am in a very different place than I was a few months ago. Thank you for your time and insight. -- Lynda F.
Many thanks for the reading!  It's really amazing how incredibly accurate it is. You definitely have a huge gift there... It's uncanny. -- Dorothea Luedtke, Germany
I've read through the reading you did a fair few times now and have to say, it's pretty bloomin' good!!  I'm really impressed... Many thanks...you have really clarified a few things for me.  I will definitely be recommending you to my friends. -- Jen Maltby, East Sussex U.K.
Your reading is incredible! Wow... are you psychic or something? :-) I loved how you took the key idea of each card, and showed a progression or evolution with the arrows... -- Chris Asselin, Canada
Thank you very much for my readings.  I was definitely cautious about trying this for a number of reasons, but what finally compelled me was the fact that you integrate your Christian upbringing into your own spiritual path -- it just resonated with me. I have to say that I am amazed at how accurate your readings were -- for example, you recommended that I connect with my intuition, and I had just picked up a couple of books on intuition.   You also recommended that I recuperate and rest, and I have been sick with one thing after another this summer.  I could go on and on ... thank you for your warmth and sincerity, and please know you've encouraged me and gently challenged me as well.  I look forward to another reading sometime! -- H.E.
The reading was wonderful and spot on. I needed to hear these things. -- Kathleen Wadsworth, Michigan
Dear Janet, This is beyond outstanding!  This is so much better than I expected. I got some news this morning that sort of deflated my enthusiasm and I was seriously considering maybe taking a break.  But this clearly says I need to press through this.  This has infused me with a renewed sense of ideas and strength.  I am so incredibly impressed.  At some point, soon, I will order a full-life reading.  You really have an exceptional gift. Thank you!!  Thank you!!  This was exactly what I needed and arrived on exactly the right day. -- Debra Yergen, Yakima, Washington
Janet, before I proceed with my questions I just want to tell you how right you were with the reading you gave me in May. Oh my, at first I couldn't believe or see the meaning in some of your comments, but everything became crystal clear in a short time. It was all there!   -- S. N., West Virginia
Hello Janet! Excellent and detailed reading -- thank you! I feel it was quite accurate and your insights are uncanny. I laid out the cards using my Universal Waite deck and read along with your interpretations and it all made perfect sense. Wow! -- D.G., Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hi Janet, You are so inspiring, thank you!  I keep re-reading [my Tarot reading].  I sure will be back for more. I didn't mind the wait, it was well worth it. -- Ebru T., San Francisco, California
Hi Janet,  I feel it is so good for listeners to hear someone that is so down to earth and grounded. I believe that there will be people that will be attracted to listening to you that would previously not have been interested. I was impressed by the natural speed and sincerity with which you gave the readings [on the Maria Shaw Show June 10, 2009]. I feel that you will inspire confidence and open pathways in their lives that they may not have considered or been open to before. -- Gail in New Zealand
[Re: Your interview with me and Maria Shaw on June 10, 2009] I was very impressed by you today. I think that you should consider doing a show on our network. We do not have a Tarot reader and you have been the best I have heard in a while. I don't let just anybody on. So me being impressed is a big thing as I don't impress easy. You've impressed me to fit my high standards on Tarot reading and interpretation, and, personally, I would turn to you for any question on Tarot matters. -- Joe Lawson, Executive Producer of Empower Radio and co-host of the Maria Shaw Show
Janet, your reading was pretty accurate. Your reading its going to help me communicate with my girlfriend more effectively, specially in the area of financial issues. -- Juan B., California
Wow – some of this [Heart of the Matter Reading] is already coming true (the parts about dad, mom and my sister). I do believe you are right on that I am surrounded by the most wonderful, caring people. I am unbelievably blessed with incredible friends. What a great inspiration you have been to me. I loved your reading.  It helped me so much more than you know. Thank you!!   -- Debra Y., Northern Washington
Hi Janet, Bingo! I think your reading was eerily accurate. Also, I bought your book Back in Time Tarot.  Its a great way of approaching the cards.  I am a novice with them. -- J.W., Hawaii
Excellent reading, Janet! Right on. Thank you! -- Minna T., Helsinki, Finland
I liked it very much...so true! Totally true what you said [in my reading]. Thanks for helping me to grow. You are super. -- Marta Santos, Tampa, Florida
I feel your reading was very accurate and even more importantly sincere and coming from a place that wanted to help and I thank you for it. -- D.R., Ridgewood, New Jersey
I am so impressed with your site and the presentation of you and your work. I want to say a special thank you for your introduction of Byron Katie. I watched several of the videos on her site and I laughed and cried got so in touch with what's going on with me right now... Thank you, for you are truly acting as a personal agent of change in my life. -- Maria P., Vermont
Hi Janet, OK, clearly you have been doing out of body experiences and visiting my workplace! This reading really does hit it on the head...Thanks again for your helpful guidance.  Your work is a great blessing, and I'm sure it's not just to me! -- Kate M., New York
Dear Janet: Thank you for your reading and thoughtful response. The reading was "right on" regarding things being up in the air and the energy in our lives...I'm so glad I contacted you, Janet. I learned about you through my sister in Florida. I guess she has had a few readings and thinks highly of you. I am going to think about what you wrote and and get back in touch with you for another reading. -- S. N., West Virginia
Hi Janet. Thanks for the reading. It's great! You were so right about the 3rd opportunity.  It helps me to see the situation more clear now. Thanks again for your patience in clarifying my questions and an accurate reading. -- C.M., New York City, New York
Hi Janet. Thanks very much. The reading confirmed what I felt on the directions I was contemplating. I may order another of a different type later. Thanks again. -- Barb C., Florida
Thank you so much for the reading, it really hit home, and confirmed everything that I was thinking and always thought about. When I read your email I felt inspired, I wanted to quit my job right away and felt empowered and at the same time I felt so silly thinking how could I let my fears control my life? and why have I let it run this show for sooo long. It is time for me to take control and act and follow my dreams. Again, thank you so much Janet. I Loved the reading, I am definitely coming back for more advice. I could feel your positive energy and enthusiasm for what you do through the reading. -- G.V.New Jersey
Thank you SO much for getting my reading done so quickly!  It is a real confirmation of everything that's been going on as well as what I've been thinking of.  I had a sense my restlessness was because my creative side was trying to force its way out, and was determined to do so one way or another!  I know I need to listen to it, too; the status quo won't work anymore.  Again, thank you so much; your gift is really amazing. -- Kathleen S., New York
Dear Janet: You are so talented! Thanks for a generous, spot on and inspiring reading.  It's in tune with everything I want and "need" and you hit upon everything I have been percolating. Many thanks and much appreciation for the shot of encouragement. If you don't mind, I will contact you in a month or two for another reading. -- Paula A., San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Hello, Janet, thank you for the reading.  It's quite accurate, about my husband's family, my husband, our relationship, myself, almost everything you said is happening or happened to us. -- Priscilla C., Southern Europe
Thank you for preparing my reading so promptly.Unfortunately (!) I found it to be surprisingly accurate as it clearly confirms the situation I find myself in...I will have a further reading in due course and as my daughter was so impressed she will be having one too! ...I have no doubts that you are a genuine lady. -- Ellen J., Dorset, U.K.
The reading was very clear.You did a phenomenal job once again... It was dead on. I am glad you are back to doing the readings. You help clarify what is in my head. Thank you again.-- Elyse D., Nevada
Your reading was awesome and so right on target...Bless you, you certainly did an accurate reading of me. -- Sherri Mosier, Iowa
You seem to have nailed this one, and the general "nailing" of my situation makes me bother to take the reading seriously. Thank you! Good reading!   -- Michael M., Canada
Another incredible reading. I'm just (again) completely amazed by your insights. Janet, I am sincerely grateful for your guidance, and I am so happy I found you.  Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world! -- Helen E.
I am amazed at how much you hit the key points without knowing anything about my son.You definitely hit the nail on the head!! Thanks so much for your insightful reading and for coming up with those pertinent questions. -- Connie C., Rochester, New York
I just received my Coffee Tarot deck, OMG they are beautiful!!! I knew they would look great from seeing the pics here, but I still wasn't prepared for how wonderful they were up close & personal! The artwork is out of this world! Thank you, Janet & Ron, for your exacting standards, they are something I'm going to treasure! -- Anne Williamson, Spokane, Washington
I received my Coffee Tarot cards today and they are smashing! Janet and Ron, I am thrilled and proud to have received them and to be a part of the beautiful art that you have given birth to in the world! -- Jamme Chantler, Cambridge, Massachusetts
I’ve been following your Twitter account for some time and I don’t know why, but never put two and two together. You’re the one with all those cool Tarot deck reviews that everyone relies on! Oh my gosh! Ms. Boyer, you have no idea. Literally, when I am thinking of buying a deck, I go online, search reviews, and *look* specifically for yours, because I’ve trusted past ones with great success. I’m not the only one. Many Tarot practitioners I know *know* about your deck reviews. I would like to take this time to thank you for your substantial contributions to Tarot practice as we know it today. I’m sure I say this on behalf of all Tarot practitioners: Thank you....I only started reading your Introduction to your upcoming book Naked Tarot and before the end of the first paragraph, you already got me laughing. Very good sign. I don't usually laugh when reading a book on Tarot..... as you pointed out, they tend to be very dry. FYI, my book is super, duper dry. Dry as hell. Like, "No sex for you tonight, or ever" dry.  -- Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot
I have listened to your Court Card class from 2009 over and over. I am studying Tarot. I love you. I listened to you on the Tarot TeleSummit when you described the Death card. Wonderful. You are easy on the ears and you make my heart sing. Much gratitude. Love and light. -- Cindy D.
Your interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM was excellent!  Your reading has been very inspiring and strengthening. It validates what I've been feeling. -- Tony W., St. Lucia
So excited to meet you!  I thoroughly enjoyed your recent interview on C2C with George Noory.  You have such a delightful and bubbly personality, it is a delight to listen to you speak! -- Victoria G., Florida
I heard you on Coast to Coast AM and thought you were fantastic. You have re-awakened the desire for me to learn tarot myself. I have dabbled in it on and off since I was a teenager, but I never really learned how to read. I recently found a deck that I absolutely love, and would like to learn, so I ordered your book, as well as a While Enchilada reading. Marissa B., New Jersey
Janet: Tuned into C2C AM and caught the end of your visit. You were delightful! You came across as cheerful, knowledgeable and caring. I thought George was a bit gruff with you but you took it in stride. My wife is a reader and you gave out some good information. Thanks for the informative and entertaining show. I send you the best for the remainder of this year and into the future: "the road goes on forever...."  -- Leger Meyland
Janet I just pre-ordered your new Coffee Tarot. Very unusual thing to do for me but I couldn't help it. It's a hoot. I became "acquainted" with you from the telesummit. I read the excerpt from your upcoming book Naked Tarot and I laughed my ass off. It's so rude! Needless to say I will be buying a copy when it is ready. I also read _____'s comment. You are really swimming upstream with people who you shouldn't have to swim upstream with. I get you. You are just an old hippie. I get it. And keep on truckin sister. Your the new breed of Tarot and it's just what we need. Thanks! -- Paula H., New York
Janet, you rock.Thank you so much for writing New to Tarot?: 20 Things You Should Know. You have taken the weight of 5 years of looking at the tarot as some special power I am not worthy of accessing because I can’t do it right. I’m printing, bookmarking, and laminating this article. Thanks again!  -- Serenity
I love the symbolism you both have created from the Coffee Tarot..... wow .... I think it is richly illustrated. For me it isn't about colour but symbology and there is plenty of symbology in this Tarot deck. Ron is a very talented artist and together you really are an incredible team. Looking forward to discovering your journey with you...xx -- Paula Devine, New Zealand
Thank you wonderful interview in Coast to Coast AM last year! It has been very helpful for me. I am beginner in Tarot reading. I had some questions and hesitations and you did answer almost all of them. -- Kersti Jarve, Estonia
Love your Snowland Deck - this is my second order - this one is for my collection - not for reading. You never disappoint with your decks. I would like the black bag that has the gold and silver snowflakes. Thanks for all your hard work! -- Sandra B. Florida
My intuition seems to be very persnickety when it comes to imagery in Tarot decks. Usually when I look at card pics I just get a "flat" feeling in my head.  But when I saw your Snowland Deck I got a soap bubble popping feeling with lots swirly sensations and I was like YES! I. Can't. Wait. to see what my intuition does with Snowland! -- Stacy McCright, Texas
I received my Snowland Deck today! Thanks so much for getting it to me so quickly! I've only had time to glance through them so far, but I think it's a beautiful deck. It's clear that you and Ron put a lot of thought and care into it. And everything was packaged so nicely as well. :-) -- Zac F. New York
I learned  about you through your interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. In fact I've listened to it three times; because I love the way you explain things. You are a  teacher indeed. Wow, my reading came just in time for the Holidays and I love it..what a gift!!! -- Luis M. New Jersey
Hi Janet. Just listened to the November 8 Coast to Coast AM show. Really enjoyed your insights on Tarot. I was also pleasantly surprised when you mentioned that you are a Rush fan. In regards to your comment with honoring and celebrating the passing of those we love, I noticed a parallel between yourself and Neil Peart who lost his wife and daughter in 1997. -- Paul A., Ontario, Canada
YAY......got my Snowland Deck today.....absolutely amazing....so pleased! Thank you! The bag is lovely too! I think my favourite card is the nine of pentacles. It is my favourite card generally...but the Snowland one is amazing! I am going to use your deck for a reading tomorrow. -- Sharon S., London, England
I received your Snowland Deck today! It's just perfect. Our family celebrates the winter solstice each year and I always do a reading for anyone that wants one. The deck fits our holiday theme like no other deck in my collection. A winter deck is almost impossible to find, so I am very appreciative of your creation. After the holidays are over I am going to have to really get acquainted with the deck. My sincere congratulations for a deck well done!-- Linda Y., Ohio
Janet, Thank you so much for the reading. I did find it accurate.I found you by listening to Coast to Coast AM. You were a guest and I really enjoyed your interview! -- Arleen M., Ohio
The Snowland Deck is beautifully inspiring and Janet certainly knows her way around the cards.When giving a reading, she extracts the meaning behind each one without prying or leading, giving a fresh perspective to the age-old problems and archetypes that have plagued humanity since time began. When I can’t “see the forest for the trees” as is often the case when one tries looking into their own cards, she always finds a way to point out what is right in front of my face that I am simply not seeing. And she does it all with a smile! -- Michelle B., Pennsylvania
Your Snowland Deck is one of the most insightful deck I have ever seen. There are a lot of cards in that deck that really expand the psyche. Your deck is something very special. -- Grace A., France
I had some heavy life issues and transitions, and as I've done many times in my 30 years of Tarot, I took time off. But as always my passion for Tarot flowered in my heart. I say this because last year, with all my problems, you sent me the Snowland Deck. The past two months I've been reading with it and just narrating fun stories. It's been so uplifting! The images and messages always bring me comfort and wisdom. All the more so as I treasure it as a gift received when I was at my lowest and your generous kindness made me see a light where I only saw darkness. I say all this to say thank you, Janet. You're a beautiful soul and a creative genius (your son and hubby too!). -- Sharon R.
I heard your teleseminar on the Tower card at the Tarot TeleSummit and it was amazing! You got me thinking a whole new way about the meaning of that card. You have some great insights in tarot that come from deep within. I can tell you are very connected to it. -- Heather Woodward
I heard your interview with Jim Harold and it was fantastic, Janet! I wanted a reading immediately! You make talking about tarot so interesting! I had no idea that was possible. I truly appreciate your philosophy and outlook. Also, I have visited you previously; the last time I had a reading done! It was fantastic. Interestingly, it wasn't what I wanted to hear, but it was what did come to pass, so your accuracy is bang on! No matter how accurate I may read for myself, nothing beats consultation and confirmation with a trusted and true reader like yourself! I have been reading your blog and it is FANTASTIC! I am learning soooooo much from that as well as your book. I have even done a few fun readings for a friend after using your BIT method to get to know the cards better. While I have yet much work to do, I have improved drastically. -- Vanessa S., Alberta, Canada
I've been a fan of yours for a long time! I'd just like to say, briefly, that your BIT Tarot Method blew me away when I used it (more than once) to explore a spinal cord injury I had four years ago. You should be so proud that your creativity and ability can change lives. :-). -- Jennifer Moscone, Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Hi Janet, I have been reading your book Back in Time Tarot.  At first I thought I wasn't going to like the concept. I'm not sure why, maybe I was having an off day. But I continued to read and tried out the idea. Very interesting indeed, I thought. I had been teaching a Tarot class at my son's house...[The class] had grown from 6 to 10 people and I had some who had never taken my class before. I decided my best approach was to teach your BIT Method. It was great fun. Even the students who had no previous experience did very well. Luckily I had brought the book along so everyone could write down the title and purchase their own copies. It worked out wonderfully. I just wanted to share with you. Thank you! -- Beth C.
I received the Back in Time Tarot book a few days ago from Amazon and read it cover to cover; it was that well-written and compelling! I have dozens of Tarot books--written by all the "greats" and "masters"--- I've amassed over the years, but I really can't recall any book being as practical and meaningful as this one. Your method is truly inspired. -- Emma K., Virginia
Ms. Boyer, I'm a Brazilian Tarot reader and I believe your work is very important to all of us. I've learned a lot from your book. I do believe Back in Time Tarot is a very important book and a great source, for all of us professionals, to renew our passion for the cards. Have a happy New Year and best regard's from Rio de Janeiro! - Alexandre Tarólogo, Brazil
Dear Ms. Boyer: I just bought your wonderful book from Amazon---and have been reading it.  I want to thank you for writing it, and let you know it is one of the very best Tarot books I own. I have been reading your book and deck reviews for a few years on Amazon!  They were always valuable to me, once I realized how in sync we seem to be in our opinions. I discovered your website and it is very helpful with the photos of decks, etc. Thanks again for your dedication and integrity, and your valuable insights. -- Debra Simpson, Maryland


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