What Is Tarot Life Coaching?

What Is a Life Coach?

So, what is a Life Coach, anyway?

One of the primary things a Life Coach does is help you clarify your goals. Coaches like myself often ask a set of questions to determine what you want to get out of a coaching relationship--and what you'd ultimately like to achieve.

Questioning lady

We also help you identify challenges and obstacles that are in the way of achieving your goals. When we identify the road blocks on your life path, we can then devise ways to go around those road blocks--or smash them altogether!

Those road blocks can include faulty (and unquestioned) assumptions, disempowering self-talk, procrastination, spiritual disconnection, detrimental habits and limiting beliefs (from your family of origin, teachers, religion, culture, etc.).

Life Coaches are trained to get you focused on the present moment, clarify what you want, identify any hindrances to achieving what you want and then prescribe a plan of action. 

Daily, and weekly, positive action then results in forward movement, increased optimism and motivation--moving you closer and closer to your desired outcomes.


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