Sasha Wieczorek - 8 of Disks and Justice

Sasha Wieczorek - 8 of Disks and Justice

8 coins justice

Eight of Disks: The 8 of Disks has a special place in my heart because it is a card of success through hard work, a mastery of skill through repeated attempts, and a story everyone can relate to. It's the example of success many of us were shown as children, inspiring us to not give up on our dreams. Drawing this card is a reminder of that success as well as encouragement to keep going and don't give up. It can also mean skills have been honed, and soon there will be a transition from student to master. This card incorporates my own skills as a craftsman and leatherworker. I created the pentacles out of leather, incorporated gears to symbolize industry and then included tools of my trade. I used past projects to create a rich background while filling in the negative space. Six pentacles are in the shape of a large pentagram to magnify the suit, each pentacle uniquely different yet similar to the other. The remaining pentacles on the top left acts as the beginning idea of a project. The right represents a finished product. The final image reminds me of Children's Hidden Picture Books. It invites you to look closely and discover what the 8 of Disks means to you. 

Justice: The traditional imagery of Justice is of Lady Justice, also known as the Roman goddess Justitia, as a blindfolded woman holding a sword and scales. Her eyes are covered in order to remain impartial and not show favoritism. Her scales enable her to weigh both sides of a situation. The sword represents the swiftness and finality in which her judgment will be carried out.

The image I created focuses on the symbols of Justice. First, the sword represents the impartialness needed to fairly judge a situation. A weapon is both unfeeling and impartial. The sword has also become a part of the scales, providing a solid base in which the strap attached to both sides can slide freely to one way or another based upon which side is heavier. The scales in this card represent an older reference, the Egyptian version of the judgment one faces at the end of life. The Egyptians believed the heart held their intellect and intuition. At the end of life, each person would have their deeds weighed by the goddess of truth, Ma'at. A feather representing truth (sometimes a statue of the goddess herself) would be weighed against the all the accomplishments and misdeeds during that person's life. The more transgressions or crimes the person committed, the heavier the heart would be. In place of a heart on the scale, I used a small point of light to represent the soul. How large and how bright that soul will be is up to the reader. Does it reflect the light of the sun? Or is it dim like a moonlit night? Does the scale seem balanced? Or is it slightly swaying in one direction or another? Do you see Ma'at in the reflection of the sword or something/someone else?

Finally, Justice means if you have been treated unfairly, had an outcome of a situation come out against you despite your innocence, or on the flip side, if you are the one who escaped consequences, Justice will be there, in the end, waiting for us all.

May the odds be ever in your favor. ;)

Sasha wieczorek
Bio: Sasha Wieczorek is a leatherworker who lives in Minnesota with her husband, son, and goofy little pug cross, Bullet. She creates custom leather horse tack, leather cuffs, cell phone holsters, guitar straps, backpacks, and tarot bag charms under the company name Wild Riders Tack & Leather. The pentacles in this photo and other tarot bag charms are currently for sale on her Etsy site. You can also follow her on Facebook

Stacey Riesterer - 4 of Wands and 10 of Cups

Stacey Riesterer - 4 of Wands and 10 of Cups

4 wands 10 cups

Four of Wands: The distant call of the gull, the whisper of the waves caressing the shore and the roar of the fire in the sky all beckon to you—demanding your soul to take pause and to simply live in the moment. Do not cast your eyes towards the future, nor let your memory slip into the past, allow yourself to revel in the “NOW”. Celebrate! Raises your glasses! Make love! Take a well-earned rest, for it is greatly deserved.

Inspiration for this card derives from a personal milestone: ten years of marriage. My husband Jeff and I commemorate this moment in our lives by embracing all the good and bad that we have lived and shared together. The tide may batter us one day, but like the sun that will return and warm our skins again, our love and faith in each other continues to burn like the warming sun. Providing each other with the strength and love needed to be our best selves. The importance of taking the time to recognize that life is a marvelous gift is practically impossible to put into words. Salute! (Picture taken in Cozumel Mexico)

Ten of Cups: Lovers holding hands with permanent symbols of their union etched onto their ring fingers. Their tattooed promise to one another, a promise that can't simply be slipped off when times get rough. Though you can’t see the couple’s faces, a calmness radiates outward from their resting hands, while a spilled mess lays before them. If one stops to think for a moment…how did the paint get there? Appears as if the mess had been made by their children and the couple is happily and contently taking in the sight of the creativity that came forth from their little one’s imaginations. Usually one would be upset over a cup the has spilled its contents, however in this scenario, the cups have overflowed with love and joy.

Stacey Riesterer
Bio: Hello, I’m Stacey Riesterer, but you can call me Scooch! I consider myself to be a jack of all trades, master of none. Some days it feels like I’m a walking oxymoron. J I hold a degree in Business and Accounting, while currently working in the field of logistics. I grew up heavy into athletics, yet I still love curling up next to a fire with a book (or a tarot deck). I can grow a bountiful vegetable garden, yet will end up killing any flower that comes into my care. I know how to start a fire and prepare the food I’ve caught, but I still get skived out by ticks and leeches. I also love to bake my great grandmother cookie recipes, but just don't ask me to make cupcakes. I wear my heart on my sleeve and will fight fiercely for what I believe in, like the Aries that I am.

My first encounter with Tarot wasn’t long after I finally discarded any remaining beliefs in organized religion. My first reading felt like a gut punch right to a hidden part of my soul. Very emotional and raw. It took several more years, and another reading, for me to begin to understand what that initial “gut punch” feeling actually was. It was a makeup call for me, so I’ve been reading, researching and studying anything and everything about tarot ever since. Tarot has helped to center, focus and calm my mind. It has become a priceless tool in my life’s journey to be the best version of myself that is possible.

Ramona Van Cleave - Surrender and Moon

Ramona Van Cleave - Surrender and Moon

Surrender moon
: At this stage of The Fool's Journey, we face a crisis of faith. We can't go back, we can't move forward, and we certainly can't stay the same. The only solution is to surrender our control issues, and trust the spiritual process of becoming.

In this state of liminality, we're hanging out in a cosmic waiting room, a place in-between, on the threshold. There is no struggle, as we willingly sacrifice the small self upon the tree of enlightenment in order to contemplate our higher Self. The planet Neptune and the element of Water give clues to unlocking the mysteries of this card. Here, we are asked to let go and just flow.

For my version of the Hanged Man—Surrender—I've chosen to paint the chrysalis of a Monarch butterfly. Having shed and let go of her previous form, the caterpillar crawls up the tree, and hangs upside down to await her transformation. She will shapeshift from a creature of Earth into a creature of Air, but for a moment she is neither caterpillar nor butterfly, as she rests in the contentment of her surrender.

For this painting, I've used watercolor, water-soluble pencils, and gold nail polish.

Moon: Is this a lovely dream or a scary night terror?

Magic 8 Ball says: Reply Hazy. Try Again.

Roger Waters wrote:

And all that is now
And all that is gone
And all that's to come
And everything under the sun is in tune
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon

Ancient peoples feared a great dragon was devouring the Sun during a total solar eclipse, darkening the sky, turning Day into Night, and that dragon is the Moon.

Our Moon reflects the light of our Sun, but during a total solar eclipse, She temporarily blocks His shine. For a few still moments, the bright light of Day is overthrown by mysterious, shadowy Night.

The Moon represents all that is hidden from view during the light of day, and rules the realm of dreams and poetry, secrets and fears; it is the pathway to our unconscious mind as well as that of the Collective Unconscious, and the Jungian shadow we repress and deny. If the Sun is the Ego, the Moon is the Id.

Like a hungry daimon, The Moon feeds on and magnifies our fears. If we don't do the work to integrate our shadow side, we will ebb and flow, repeatedly cycling back into the dark abyss of haunting dreams and memories.

When we find our path lit only by the light of The Moon, it is time to go within and use our intuition to separate what is real from what is an illusion.

Meditate and wait for fresh inspiration and clarity; and remember, for good or ill, shadows aren't always what they appear to be in the dark.

Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden. – Phaedrus

For my Moon card, I chose to use watercolors to paint a total solar eclipse in honor of the August 21, 2017 eclipse that will be visible over North America, where I live.

Ramona Van Cleave
Bio: I've been studying and reading Tarot and other oracles for myself, friends, and family, for over 31 years. I'm fascinated by all forms of divination since childhood, and I love learning new things. I'm currently learning to read Lenormand! I approach Tarot from a philosophical and a psychological viewpoint and I like to dive deeply into the heart of the matter. I give readings by phone and e-mail, and I find reading at parties and other events particularly rewarding and fun. I love helping people, and I'm very easy to talk to. Write me at, and let's talk Tarot! May the cards be ever in your favor.

Noah Boyer - 10 of Wands and Magician

Noah Boyer - 10 of Wands and Magician

Noah 10 W and Mage

10 of Wands: My version of the Ten of Wands shows the Greek myth of Sisyphus. A slave to Hades in the Underworld, Sisyphus is chained to a massive boulder--doomed to push it up the stairs for eternity. He etches his endless days on the stairs. We can't even imagine the exact number. Sometimes, we feel like our burdens will never end--much like Sisyphus.

The Magician: I chose Nicola Tesla to represent The Magician because this extraordinary scientist and inventor helped usher in the electrical revolution, including A/C (alternating current), VTOL military aircraft and radio waves. His theories were revolutionary, and unfortunately, Thomas Edison received much more credit, renown and money than Tesla. Tesla formulated his theories, produced sketches and, in some cases, built actual working prototypes (unlike Edison, who was more physical in his approach, favoring a trial-and-error method).

A voracious reader his whole life, Tesla was a brilliant man who spoke eight languages and used botanical discoveries as inspiration for some of his inventions. He was a bon vivant who enjoyed spending money on stylish clothes and rich foods. Tesla also loved pigeons, feeding them from his hotel room and at parks.

In this image, Tesla stands like many Tarot Magician images, except he's harnessing natural resources and pointing them towards the world: he knew wind and solar power could perpetually fuel the globe. In fact, because the earth is surrounding by electromagnetic fields, Tesla wanted to harness it using his World Wireless System via the Wardenclyffe tower. After construction started, investor J.P. Morgan realized that free energy wouldn't bring any profit to himself, so he stopped funding the project.

To represent the four elements/suits often found on the Magician's table, I chose:

Swords/Air = Tesla Coils. These are narrow, vertical cylinders that conduct electrical impulses, and are found in radios from the 1920s and 1930s. Nowadays, they're only used for demonstrations and exhibitions.

Disks/Earth = Metal Sphere. Tesla held one of these spheres in the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago where he allowed millions of volts to course through his body (he wore a rubber suit). The sphere prevented burning on his hands.

Wands/Fire = Glowing Fluorescent Bulb. Tesla invented this omnipresent light source.

Cups/Water = Beaker of Water on the Bunsen Burner. When Tesla viewed tap water under a microscope, he was horrified and disgusted at the sight of all the microbes. After that, he became a germophobe--boiling all water before drinking. He was also a compulsive hand-washer, especially after mingling with crowds and shaking hands.

Noah 400

Bio: After being homeschooled his entire life, Noah graduated from High School in June 2017. His interests include drawing, science, history, reading and listening to music. Noah has taken formal voice lessons, and has appeared in two musical theater productions (Mary Poppins and Shrek). He also plays piano, and has written seven original pieces. His inspirations include Nicola Tesla, George Gershwin, his Dad (Ron) and his Mom (Janet). Noah has two fur-brothers: his cats Stewart (a thirteen-year-old gentle orange tabby) and Qubie (a two-year old black rascal).

Macarena Hurtado - Tower, King of Swords, Death and King of Cups

Macarena Hurtado - Tower, King of Swords, Death and King of Cups

Tower ksw Macarena Death and KC
Tower: I live in a country of earthquakes. When you face a natural catastrophe you immediately get back to the barest simplicity: the joy of being alive, of being together. You remember what is important in life. That's the way I see the big crisis that universe gives us to get through: you may lose a lot of things even human loss, but if you look inside yourself you'll find the energy to go on and rebuild a new life. You'll get stronger, wiser, deeper.

King of Swords: I have my own King of Swords at home, my beloved husband. He has been for me the last 16 years of my life. He’s a smart guy, a sweet nerd, he looks for the truth, objective information, justice. He's a great communicator and excellent in politics, but not so good with emotional stuff. That is no problem for him to commit. He may be judgmental, but if you talk with him and explain yourself, he understands. He’s the master of plans and ideas, a good leader, but may need someone to get the ideas to practice and make the hard work.

Death: The only thing that’s definite in this world is change. My version of the Death card is an invitation to see this new world coming. You will need to cut away the old in order to allow new things blossom. Death is an angel, because change is God's will. He speaks to us through change. You must allow death to welcome life.

King of Cups: The King of Cups is the man who fearlessly looks inside himself. He knows his deep feelings and is able to understand them. Even if he has to face troubled waters, he finds his inner wisdom and calm. He loves deeply.

Macarena 400

Bio: My name is Macarena. I've been giving advice along with the Tarot for almost twenty years. I believe that universe is like a big puzzle where everybody is an essential piece and have a unique inner truth. That's how I understand my work: I want to help you find your own wisdom to be happy. I love human being and spirituality. I look for learning from any experience, as a reader or as a querent, as a business woman, as a wife or as a mother and make that experiences become new forms of self knowledge. I live in Santiago, Chile, with my husband and teenager son, seven dogs, a turtle and two cats. You can find me (in Spanish) on Facebook and read my ramblings and insights here and here. Or follow me on Twitter at @angeltarotista.

Kris W. Tamburrini - 8 of Swords, Knight of Cups and 8 of Cups

Kris W. Tamburrini - 8 of Swords, Knight of Cups and 8 of Cups


8 of SwordsDaphne is my 8 of Swords, trapped by nothing but her own indecision. A mental change is needed.

Knight of CupsCaleb is my knight of Cups, contemplating his next quest. Emotionally focused.

8 of CupsThis card, featuring Aidan and Eva, depicts walking away from that which no longer serves us. What was once a crucial element in our lives is no longer essential. And although we may look back from time to time, we continue to move forward. What once was so important is now just a thing of the past.

Kris 400
Bio: I live in Massachusetts with my 5 children and wonderful husband. I'm a lover of everything tarot. I spend my time teaching tarot classes at local venues, reading at local fairs and managing my Facebook page Friends of the Tarot.

Shinjini Mehrotra - Sun, Page of Swords, 2 of Cups, 9 of Swords and Empress

Shinjini Mehrotra - Sun, Page of Swords, 2 of Cups, 9 of Swords and Empress

Shinjini 1Shinjini 2
SunThe child represents innocence, optimism, and joy - all the best qualities of the sun. The sun is warm and the sunflowers are blooming, but the slightly withered sunflower on the edge reminds you of the shadow side of this card - over-optimism and burnout.

Page of Swords: The young woman on the card represents the learner. This is a person who is filled with dreams, ideas, and plans; is starting to discover their own knowledge and wisdom rather than blindly following the rules. When you're just starting on on the learning path, however, you can become defensive (wanting to protect ideas) or offensive (arguing for the sake of arguing).

2 of CupsThe 2 of Cups represents love, union and marriage. It's also a card of new beginnings - a new partnership, new roles, new ways of teaming up and interacting with people. If you aren't in a romantic relationship or aren't focusing on romance, use the analogy of a marriage to determine what this card could mean for you.

9 of SwordsThe 9 of Swords represents stress, overthinking the future, fear and frustration. Your thoughts are keeping you hemmed in and anxious. If you can break the cycle, you can walk away from here stronger.

EmpressThe Empress embodies the feminine archetype - creativity, nurturing, fertility, abundance, wisdom. She's secure with her place in the world and knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. When this card comes up in a reading, see how you can bring more feminine energy into your life - pursue a passion project, make a spa date, or offer some wisdom or comfort to a loved one.


BioI am an artist, Tarot reader, and believer in the mysteries of the Universe. My powerful Tarot readings that help you pierce through the fog of confusion and gain clarity on the issues that deeply matter to you. All my Tarot readings are delivered via email, which means you can dig deep into them, return to them as often as you wish, and really work with the insights and wisdom to bring about deep and lasting changes in your life. You’ll find these offerings under the "Book Tarot Reading" tab on my website. My flagship Art Journaling 101 ebook – 55 pages of helpful hints and step-by-step how-tos – is available for free in the Wanderer’s Library. This is a growing resource of delicious resources on art, mindfulness and soulful living that is available exclusively to my newsletter subscribers. Click on the "Wander With Me" tab on my website to sign up! Connect with me on my website Modern Gypsy (, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Helping Katrin Salyers with Moving Expenses

Hi all! Katrin Salyers, who made our 3 of Cups card, could use some help with moving expenses.

Katrin hubby 500

She had some ignorant person say cruel things and shut her down for her efforts to raise money...and I want to counter that by good ol' fashioned generosity. Would you please help Katrin Salyers and her husband? Click here to check out their GoFundMe page.

She donated her time to make one of the BEST 3 of Cups card I've ever seen (so freakin' adorable)--and I'd love to capture the energy of celebration and sisterhood (and brotherhood!) by sharing her situation so we can help out in a tangible way (and then celebrate that they got through this rough patch).

4003 of Cups ITD FinalThanks everyone!

Kimberly M. Tsan - 4 of Disks, 7 of Wands and 7 of Disks

Kimberly M. Tsan - 4 of Disks, 7 of Wands and 7 of Disks

Kim Tsan ITD

4 of DisksThe traditional Rider-Waite Tarot portrays 4 of Pentacles as a miser, but I've always perceived 4 of Pentacles as a card that captures the freedom and productivity created from structure and commitment. We build our lives by recognizing and manifesting the things that matter most to us; and our routines are a reflection of what we deem important to our growth and development. We need the magic and imagination from the mewnicorn, the vision and bravery from the wings on our backs, the spiritual truths and wisdom that anchor us down, and last but not least--a good relationship with the little shadow creatures that dwell inside of our psyche. 4 of Pentacles is a card that teaches us to be grounded in our being on earth, to fill every inch of our body with heart, spirit, courage and truth--to fully em"body" spirit in the four corners of our existence. 

7 of Wands: Owing your stance, your perspectives, and your personal power is bad-ass. Investing in a future that you believe in is bad ass. Fighting for what you want, lifting an island into the sky with pure magic is bad ass. It may feel like the entire world is against us sometimes, as if it's a big cosmic joke and God is laughing his head off while sitting in his armchair and holding a bowl of sinfully butter-drenched popcorn--but 7 of Wands stands undefeated and is not afraid to single himself out from the crowd to manifest his destiny.

7 of Disks: Donuts. Ah, the delicious reward after a long day of working hard, the guilty indulgence, the little things that make us happy in life. Your "little thing" doesn't have to be donuts, but those are the things that should count when we are evaluating the big picture and measuring our actions, our efforts and our plans against our higher purpose. The 7 of Disks is about patience, examining and appreciating the steps that we have taken to get to where we are today. It is about recognizing that sometimes we need to take the time to reflect on our progress, analyze the data, figure out what works and what doesn't so that we may formulate a new plan to move forward and optimize our efforts. There are different modes when it comes to being productive! (Such as, you know, taking the time to eat some donuts…)

Kim Tsan 400

Bio: Hey there! My name is Kimberly M. Tsan and I'm an intuitive Tarot reader at Fables Den. I've always been more of "wordy" and textual person and taking on the quest of illustrating a Tarot card has been quite the adventure indeed! The beauty of Tarot is that its archetypes speak to every one of us, connects us to ourselves and the collective human experience. It is a catalyst for creative expression, transcendental storytelling, personal development, and spiritual evolution. I am grateful for Tarot's magical vibrations as well as the wonderful Tarot peeps that are part of this community. I am also grateful for Janet Boyer for rallying the troops and making this deck possible, as well as her enthusiasm and encouragement. I wouldn't have taken part if it weren't for her little push! :D Come visit me and the Den at

Ron Boyer - Wheel, 6 of Wands, Temperance, Stars, Fool and Ace of Disks

Ron Boyer - Wheel, 6 of Wands, Temperance, Stars, Fool and Ace of Disks

Wheel of FortuneThis particular Wheel of Fortune card shows eight potential scenarios--out of millions--that a person may experience in life. Each scenario's opposite is across the wheel from it:

Buying a Home/Tearing Down a Building

The Wheel is always spinning, so the middle motif is a hypnotic element that almost looks like a peppermint swirl candy. To me, that's how life can be: sweet, but hard (you can break your teeth on that type of candy--or even choke on it). There's always an upside and downside to every life issue: it all depends on how you look at it. When a baby comes out of the womb crying, he isn't too happy (although it's usually a joyous occasion for the family). When a death occurs, many are sad--but it may also be the cessation of painful symptoms and hardship. 

The spiral motif is also reminiscent of a game spinner. Life IS a game, but you don't really play the game unless you're involved in life by making active decisions. 

The gray background is a metaphor for all the "grays" in life: variations, perceptions, emotional states and flux--the ambiguity of it all. 

Six of WandsA sweating, polydactylic hand holds a gold trophy embossed with the laurel wreath as confetti rains down in celebration. For me, this card isn't just about victory--it's about everything that has led up to this achievement: the dedication, strength and perseverance required to get to this point. Since ancient Greece, the laurel wreath was given to winners of athletic competitions (e.g. Olympics), as well as commanders successful in martial conquests. Why six fingers? It's symbolic of having a biological or genetic advantage. This card is a mixed media piece: the background and ribbon confetti are painted with acrylics, while the hand, trophy and square white confetti are done in watercolor pencils on watercolor paper cutouts affixed to the canvas. 

Temperance: This image represents my belief that life is a mixture of good and bad experiences that we all share. This is represented by rusty pipes, decay and bird droppings. But, among all that, there's also vibrancy, color and life. Note the healthy animals and the white iris growing up through the cracked cement (Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, often featured in Temperance cards from other decks).

Sometimes, the Divine (or whatever you want to call that Higher Power) sends manna--sustenance--a cleansing, vivid stream that nourishes the soul and brings beauty. The green rat has accepted--even embraced--both the negative and the positive, which is really relative and a matter of perspective. (Acrylics on hand-cut, hand-sanded and hand-gessoed wood).

The StarsI painted this piece 17 years ago and it's been hanging on a wall in our home ever since (acrylics on canvas). I titled it "Midnight Cathedral" because it represented the best of the moments of feeling connected to something bigger than yourself: you don't have to be within a church or house of worship to feel connected to the Divine. Growing up, I would go into the woods near our house and look up at the night sky. Ethereal and beautiful, those times were profoundly spiritual. Keywords: Hope, Connection to the Divine, Wonder, Awe, Serenity, Contemplation.

The FoolA soul awaits the go-ahead to descend into the void so it may be born into physical reality as a baby. Oh what surprises are just around the corner! But don't be fooled: life in the physical realm ain't all fun and games. No sir, sometimes... it's a real shitzone. Good luck, baby! 

Ace of Disks: This mandala represents the energetic potential of the physical world. All the ingredients are here, but to manifest the imagination, you must take the physical materials to make it "real" with your own hands. 

Ron Headsho ITD

BioRon Boyer is the artist for both the Snowland Deck and the Coffee Tarot that he’s co-created with his wife (Tarot author and Creative Director Janet Boyer). In fact, the Coffee Tarot: Grande Edition is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Click here to watch a video, see cards and consider backing the project. His preferred artistic medium is acrylics, but he's also created art pieces in polymer clay, wood, watercolor pencils, Plexiglas and pyrography. Ron's murals, paintings and woodwork have been commissioned for both private collectors and the business sector. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family at home, as well as watching thought-provoking sci-fi/fantasy movies and quirky films--or reading entertaining authors like Richard Brautigan, Dr. Michael Graziano and Douglas Adams. Ron believes in space aliens. Visit him online at

Brandy Woods - Page of Wands, Knight of Swords, Knight of Wands and Knight of Disks

Brandy Woods - Page of Wands, Knight of Swords, Knight of Wands and Knight of Disks

Brandy 1 Brandy 2
Page of Wands: “The Hatchling” - I imagine that most people would assume the title was referring to the small dragon on her shoulder… but personally, I always felt that the young woman herself was the 'hatchling' – new, untested and untried, full of enthusiasm and determination for her journey and training ahead, as she learns from her mentor the dragon.

Knight of Swords: “The Tourney” - This piece was originally a book cover commission. The character in question had received armor from the Queen of Faerie and was going to be her Chosen in a tourney… I'm not sure if the book was ever actually published or not, but I still retain the rights to the image, and I thought the imagery fit nicely with the Knight of Swords! A young challenger, confident and ready to take on the world, determined to succeed, perfectly outfitted by the Queen for his task ahead… but, like the young Knight alone in Faerie, might end up rushing into situations where he ends up well over his head.

Knight of Wands: “Anubis” - Anubis the Egyptian god had several roles over the course of the years: protector of tombs, embalmer, the guide of souls, and one who would weigh the heaviness of the heart against a feather, to determine where the soul would travel to in the afterlife. In his representation here he is very 'in your face', almost aggressive with his power.

Knight of Disks: “Shaman's Path” - Originally a self-portrait project in college, I chose to represent a focus on culture and ancestry, allies and deep spirituality, as well as doing all this in acrylics – learning to paint was one of my original driving goals in going back to school. 3 years and rigorous effort later, this painting was the result. The traditional shaman in the picture is thus the Knight of Pentacles – studious dedication to a path and a methodology, a dedication and attention to detail, a determination to do an excellent job.

Brandy woods

Bio: Brandy Woods is an award-winning illustrator who specializes in Native American-inspired and fantasy themes, and she also enjoy painting, making drums, painting on feathers, and sculpture. A great grandmother was full-blooded Choctaw (Chahta) and Brandy was raised with a deep love and respect for the First Nations. She went back to school in her 30's and graduated with honors (and two scholarships!) from Dawson College's prestigious Illustration and Design program. She grew up in Louisiana and spent much of her childhood reading Wendy Pini's 'ElfQuest', as well as numerous books on mythology, shamanism, fantasy, the middle ages, and other cultures.Visit her at,, and

Kimberly Essex - Devil, 8 of Wands and 9 of Wands

Kimberly Essex - Devil, 8 of Wands and 9 of Wands


Devil: About a year ago, the Devil started popping up in my readings as a healing card. Seeking the advice of others I was overwhelmed by how *committed* people were to seeing this card as addiction and bondage of varying kinds, insisting that healing could only be found in avoiding and denying all this card is meant to represent. After much deep searching, I've come to understand the base meaning of the Devil as commitment, associated with Capricorn and the element of Earth. Think about it, what is addiction if not a form of commitment? Drawing on the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition of having the Devil mirror the Lover's card, this interpretation focuses on the Lovers who have now made their choice. The roots they have grown represent their deep commitment and bond. Does this connection to earth and trees--everyone loves trees--make this a positive interpretation of the Devil? Or does this seem to represent enmeshment and codependency instead? I hope that the image can evoke both possibilities. The Devil card asks that you assess your own commitments and recognize that you have the option to hold or to drop them at any time.

Eight of Wands: My cat, Pojke, poses for this card. Here he engages in a bit of interpretive dance meant to convey the swift and pointed movement of kitty dreams. The Eight of Wands represents that burst of energy that comes when you've got all your plans and ideas in order and suddenly the thing you worked for just happens. It is often just what is needed to finish up a big project, being that it's as short-lived as it is powerful.

Nine of Wands: My cat, Flicka, poses for this card. Here she is found in quite a Nine of Wands moment, having worked very hard to get those paint brushes just the way she wanted them--pretty organized for a cat--and is now taking a well deserved rest. The 9 of wands represents being in the flow of your creative work. Even if your chosen projects do not appear from the outside to be creative, it will be apparent that you have invested yourself passionately.

Kim Essex 400

Bio: Kimberly Essex is a practitioner and teacher of art, poetry, tarot, and yoga. In her work, all four modalities are used for healing, meditation, and simply engaging in life more fully. She earned her MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University where she feels the greatest teaching was in how to live and breathe your practice mindfully. She offers both live tarot consultations and written tarot readings. Visit her online at

Marianna Ryhänen - 9 of Cups, 6 of Disks, Ace of Wands and 7 of Swords

Marianna Ryhänen - 9 of Cups, 6 of Disks, Ace of Wands and 7 of Swords

Marianna 1 Rebecca 2
Nine of Cups: Inspired by Atlantis and Lemuria. Depiction of an alien listening to the voices of the ocean, on the bottom of the sea. Bubbles represent the cups and dreams.

Six of Disks: Inspired by the astrological association, Moon in Taurus. Shows the scales as the balance factor and images of the World as the worldly aspect.

Ace of Wands: Inspired by the fiery stars and comets. Depiction of growing the fiery qualities within, passion, energy, drive and inspiration.

Seven of Swords: Inspired by the cosmos, depiction of the planning your move.


Bio: I am an art school graduate from Finland. I do sci-fi art, usually water color. With this project I wanted to try collage and color pencils, as well as black paper. I'm 23 years old and I've been into tarot since my late teens. I created my own Tarot deck, Inspiring Alien tarot, and it's on Etsy at My website is

Alison Cross - Ace of Cups

Alison Cross - Ace of Cups

Alison Ace Cups 400

Ace of Cups: Ace of Cups: an opportunity, a seed or a beginning in the realms of relationships, emotions or creativity. Reversed: The fears associated with new relationships, emotions or creativity. The background green is associated with the heart chakra and this colour can be useful when focusing on healing. The background pink is associated with love and here it is offered in its widest possible sense of universal love. The chalice-shaped cup reminds us that love is a journey, a quest. We strive to be in the service of Love. Attribution: original Anahata chakra (heart chakra) image on front of chalice is used under Creative Commons license from Morgan Phoenix.

Bio: Alison Cross has a long and rich history working with the Tarot. She administers the The Wildwood Tarot website for its creators, Mark Ryan and John Matthews; in addition she is an active administrator for both the Wildwood Tarot's Facebook page and The Wildwood Tarot Study Group. She is also the author of two tarot eBooks; A Year In The Wildwood, that supports Wildwood Tarot students through their year-long journey and Tarot Kaizen, a book the helps Tarotists convert unused decks into hard-working tools of the trade.

She also provides ongoing services and support to Mark Ryan, John Matthews and Tarot artist Will Worthington on their new projects.

Alison has Chaired The Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI) for over eight years in total. For the past four years, she has led the popular Glasgow Tarot Meetup Group.

A keen blogger, Alison specialises in helping other card readers understand and more easily work with the court cards of the Tarot. If you find the Court Arcana puzzling, visit her blog at

Che Gonzales - 6 of Swords

Che Gonzales - 6 of Swords

6 of Swords ITD Final 400

Six of Swords: This card appears during a period of transition.  It could mean an actual travel or figuratively moving away from a stressful situation in order to gain a better perspective and restore balance in one’s life. The card shows a person who is sad and tired, but is still making an effort to move forward by taking a journey on his boat.  He finally realized that even though he physically removed himself from his burdensome environment, the raft filled with swords (that was initially tied to his boat) was slowing down his progress. The raft is close enough for him to take one or two swords, which represent the lessons that he gained from his past, into his boat.  The raft and the remaining swords will be let go, which represents release of negative thoughts that came from his past. The sun that is slightly hidden by two coconut trees symbolizes a better situation in the future.


Bio: Che Gonzales is a Tarot and oracle reader from Manila, Philippines. You may contact her through her Facebook page, The Tarot Transmission.

Laura R. - 3 of Wands

Laura. R. - 3 of Wands

3 of Wands 400

Three of Wands: The Three of Wands is represented by the Little Prince just before leaving his planet to explore new worlds. The suit of wands always talks about action, and the three of wands shows the calm before the real action, the planning, preparation and contemplation of the things that are still to come, the feeling of excitement and wonder about the future. Even though it may look like there is not much going on there is! Everything is moving and revolving inside the heart of this Little Prince, he has to experience detachment from his beloved flower if he ever wants to find out what is beyond his tiny planet. Growth is about to happen, but where and how is the big mystery of this card.

"I believe that for his escape he took advantage of the migration of a flock of wild birds. On the morning of his departure he put his planet in perfect order. He carefully cleaned out his active volcanoes. (...) The little princess also pulled up, with a certain sense of dejection, the last little shoots of the baobabs. He believed he would never want to return."

Laura R 400

Bio: I grew up watching my mum reading the Spanish cards any time we had visits over. It was the more exciting part of the evening, towards the end, when all the children were supposed to be in bed. People used to say that she was very good at it. She never took her gifts seriously, but she did have them, and also run on the family. Many years later, as a young adult, I bought my first tarot deck and in that moment I began exploring the unknown, picking it up wherever she had left it. I tend to avoid using tarot for divination but rather as a tool for guidance and personal development. Tarot is a lifetime self tough discipline for me. My cards and their meanings grow and change as I do too.


Janet Boyer - Hermit, Strength, Ace of Swords and 6 of Cups

Janet Boyer - HermitStrength, Ace of Swords and 6 of Cups

Janet ITD

6 of Cups

Hermit: I love stained glass, and I've wanted to make a circular, symbolic Tarot deck done in that style for some time now. I started making this Hermit card a few months ago for that project, but I put it to the side. When The Hermit card opened up at the last minute, I jumped on the chance to finish coloring the image to use for this deck. (If I ever DO make a stained glass deck, I'll crate a new Hermit card). I can't draw worth crap, so I asked my son, Noah, to draw a lantern for me--showing him some examples of what I had in mind. Then, I asked my husband, Ron, to draw lines to look like stained glass. (I used watercolor paper). Then, I colored the image using gel pens (some, metallic and glitter).

For the lantern, I chose browns to represent copper and brass--and gray, white and black to represent silver, brushed nickel and iron. These metals symbolize how we endure when our "mettle" gets tested. Forged and polished amid the challenges of life, those "metals" can be beautiful, tough, utilitarian or malleable. What constitutes our mettle/metal? Our values—which not only guide our choices and responses, but also gets us through even the most demanding circumstances.

I chose red, orange and yellow inside the lamp to represent our inner flame: fueled by personal meaning, passion and love, these fires light our way when times get dark. These colors connect to the 1st Chakra (material world and tribal identity), 2nd Chakra (power, control and independence) and 3rd Chakra (self-esteem, self-confidence and personal responsibility).

I was planning on coloring outside the lamp in blue, green and purple--but the green didn't feel right. I wanted blue because it's connected to the 5th Chakra (throat), which governs communication, personal expression and creativity. Those of us with strong Hermit energy find it tempting to withdraw from humanity on a regular basis--but if we happen to ALSO be called to bring Light to mankind, then we must go outward...being "in the world, but not of it". Blue is also the color divinity, as well as calm.

Purples and pinks insisted on emanating from the center: Violet connects to the 6th Chakra, also known as the 3rd Eye, which relates to the mind, intuition, insight, self-evaluation, openness to ideas and wisdom.

Pink, along with green, connects to the bride between the lower and upper chakras: the 4th Chakra of the heart. Perhaps green bowed out this time because he knew pink had the vital Heart Chakra already covered.

Strength: Barbed wire, originally invented to contain cattle, can cause severe discomfort or serious injury when trying to pass through or over. It was the most inexpensive way to keep fence them in. Barbed wire was eventually used in combat, especially in front of trenches; you can read about its fascinating history here. In contrast, another type of strength is shown in this image: a fully intact spiderweb. While spiderwebs aren't really as strong as steel as often believed, the tensile strength (the greatest stress a material can withstand before breaking) is comparable to steel. Not only are spiderwebs strong, they are beautiful--making their way into art, sculpture, fashion and design of all types. When this card comes up in a reading, ask yourself: How am I like barbed wire? What’s “fencing me in"? What needs "fenced out"? Or how am I like a spiderweb? What am I "catching"? How am I delicate--yet strong? 

Ace of Swords: A balloon resembling a light bulb rises into the air, while a sharp needle points upward. Sometimes, the Ace of Swords comes in the form of a bright idea—a “light bulb moment” of recognition and clarity. It can be lofty and fleeting unless it’s acted upon. Sometimes, our ideas (and ideals) don’t hold up well to logic or reason—so the needle portrays the other side of this card: having our “bubble” (or balloon) burst with the truth. 

Six of CupsOld photographs are strewn about a table, as someone drops an old-fashioned raw sugar cube in cup of brown liquid--splashing droplets everywhere. For the Six of Cups card--often correlated with nostalgia--the past creeps upon the present, touching everything. Memories swirl about--some good, and some bad--often infringing upon present-moment awareness. 

Me Headshot New

Bio: Hi there! I'm the Creative Director for the 2017 International Tarot Day Deck. It just so happens that the Coffee Tarot: Grande Edition (made with my artist husband, Ron) is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Click here to watch a video, see cards and consider backing our project. I’m also the author of Back in Time Tarot (Hampton Roads), Tarot in Reverse (Schiffer Publishing), Naked Tarot: Sassy, Stripped-Down Advice (Dodona Books) and 365 Tarot: Daily Meditations (Dodona Books). With my artist husband, Ron, I'm the co-creator of the Snowland Deck and Coffee Tarot—and with our teen son, whom I homeschooled his whole life, the Boyer Charming Oracle and the Animal Totem Charms Oracle. I'm widely published in print and online magazines, and am also an Hall of Fame Reviewer. Come visit me at

Katrin Salyers - 3 of Cups

Katrin Salyers - 3 of Cups

3 of Cups 400

Three of Cups: Three friends get together to socialize with food and drink. The number 3 can indicate a whole that's greater than the sum of its parts - like the dialectic of thesis/antithesis/synthesis, or a child who has the DNA of both parents but is still their own unique person. These three all have very different lives and personalities, but when they put their talents together, there's nothing they can't accomplish.


Bio: I'm an American who's made my home in the UK since 2007 (along with my husband and cats). I've been reading and studying tarot for over 30 years and am always finding new things to learn. I've had the idea for a while now to make some tarot images using doll photography, taking inspiration from popular culture, entertainment and literature. Now that I've made it over the learning curve of this first card, I look forward to doing more.

Rebecca VanDerJagt - Page of Disks

Rebecca VanDerJagt - Page of Disks

Page of Pents 400

Page of Disks: A well-born young man in scholar's robes is absorbed in his studies. With practice he may become a master of both mundane and arcane lore, but he is currently still impulsive and idealistic. Made with SketchBook.


Bio: Rebecca VanDerJagt currently lives in Wisconsin with her husband, son and three cats. She has been drawing since she was a child and studied art at Black Hawk College. She has been interested in Tarot for over 20 years, and her other hobbies include history, archaeology and writing.

Blanche Kiernan - 3 of Disks

Blanche Kiernan - 3 of Disks

3 of Pents 400

Three of Disks: For me, the Three of Disks symbolizes a message of encouragement: If you continue to work toward the fulfillment of your dreams, without letting anything soften your enthusiasm, you gain experience and success in your endeavors. It's important to do something that you are proud of.


Bio: I am Blanche and I live in Chicago. I aspire to be a professional reader someday. I currently own three decks, and also like collecting crystals.

Raymond Yap - Hierophant and Page of Cups

Raymond Yap - Hierophant and Page of Cups

Raymond Cards

Hierophant: One of the keywords associated with The Hierophant is wisdom. I am fascinated with Asian figures and deities. And as I am Asian I thought to render some elements of the Asian world. I love the Cherry Blossom tree. The Hierophant holding a book with two keys symbolises initiation into the tradition and wisdom of the ages.   

Page of Cups: The Page of cups for me means being naive, playful and having fun. The Page of Cups is learning to ground and learn his emotions on more conscious level. The reason I drew a rainbow around this Page is I associate the Page of Cups as being giddy, vibrant and joyful. And rainbows are always fun. 

Raymond Yap 400

Bio: Hi ! My name is Raymond Yap and I live in India. I have been personally reading Tarot cards for more than a decade and now I offer my card reading sessions on Etsy here. have always been obsessed and fascinated with Tarot cards and anything that was supernatural. However, Tarot as a system of divination really has a special place in my heart and life. I picked up my very first pack of Tarot cards in my early teenage years. My grandmother who was a palmist and she said "You can really read cards." And ever since then I have been reading cards for people and offering them advice.

Chris Malidore - 5 of Wands

Chris Malidore - 5 of Wands

5 of wands 400

Five of Wands: Here we have the five of wands in a display of conflict through differences - each branch stems from a whole, carving its own path and notion of what it needs to be. They challenge one another for precious nutrients to survive and overcome unique situations of their own, and yet together become a stable and mighty tree through their efforts. This card is a great reminder to appreciate diversity, differences of opinion, and the necessities of change.

Chris Malidore

Bio: Chris Malidore is an illustrator out of Washington state, where he creates fantasy, horror, and science fiction illustrations for a variety of publications. When not creating pictures he's usually spending time with animals and reading. Occasionally he even sleeps. Visit him online at

Sarah Knight - The Emperor

Sarah Knight - The Emperor

Emperor 400

The Emperor: The traditional image of The Emperor - sitting on his throne with his orb and ankh - can be quite hard to relate to, so I wanted to modernise him by removing the archaic costume, while maintaining much of the essential symbolism. The Emperor is an authority figure, a patriarch, who is not afraid to look you straight in the eye - he certainly knows his own mind. His heavy brow, and the hint of a frown, shows that he is a serious person with a fairly stern attitude. The long beard is a sign of his experience. The background is reminiscent of flames because The Emperor is associated with the element of Fire, and this is also echoed by the triangle symbols. The traditional ankh, orb and Aries symbol are also included in the patterned background. On a personal level, The Emperor is my birth card and also the card I most associate with my husband who is a solid organised person, a firm-but-loving father and successful in his career. My representation of The Emperor has his enormous blue eyes and his nose.

Sarah Knight 400

Bio: Sarah is a Craft Blogger and Knitting Designer, also known as Crafts from the Cwtch. She lives in the rural county of West Sussex, UK, with her husband, two children and a Miniature Schnauzer called Archie whose beard is a lot like The Emperor's, but black. Sarah loves intuitive painting and sketching and has been obsessively studying Tarot since February 2017. Find her Tarot musings at The Curious Cardslinger and daily updates on Instagram

Lotus Priestess - King of Disks

Lotus Priestess - King of Disks

King Pents 400

King of Disks: The inspiration for this card came from Africa itself. Despite his age and position, this King of Disks still very youthful. He is deeply connected to the Earth and understands it well. For his resources come from the Marula tree, which gives abundance to all including fruit and oil. The ground is reddened due to the natural color of the earth and also the violence that this country has had to face through the centuries. As the Marula tree is rooted to protect it is the homes of spirit animals and ancestors, it symbolizes that we are still connected even if our physical forms are no longer present. (Art done with watercolor pencils).

Lotus Priestess

Bio: My name is Lotus Priestess and I am a tarot card reader, artist, and writer. I currently reside in California at the moment. My art style is heavily influenced by the cultural beauty of the world and spirit animals. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, @lotuspriestess, for daily card draws and my featured art. Thank you so much and blessings!

Vix from New Age Hipster - 4 of Cups

Vix from New Age Hipster - 4 of Cups

Four of Cups 400

Four of Cups: I chose to make this card quite pastel pretty, because even though our girl is feeling a little mopey, she knows deep down that this feeling will pass. It's not raining; it's just a little cloudy today. 

Vix smaller

Bio: Vix is a Spiritual + Biz mentor, intuitive Tarot + Angel Card Reader, Angelic Life Coach, Holy Fire Reiki practitioner, Celtic Reiki Mystic Master, Headmistress of Woo Woo School and the creator of New Age Hipster. Sent here on a divine mission to kick open the musty old spiritual wardrobe, Vix is all about bringing the new age into the now by making spirituality accessible to whomever wants in! Vix is an ex-high school and special ed teacher, she has written a tween and a YA novel and enjoys drinking decaf tea, making Pinterest vision boards and eating veggie pizza with pineapple while watching 80's movies on Netflix. You can find out more about Vix and her work, book a reading or check out her courses at

Averie Kurzendoerfer - The Chariot

Averie Kurzendoerfer - The Chariot

Chariot smaller

The Chariot: The Chariot indicates great energy that is directed and controlled. It's a sign to move forward and do the best you can without wasting time. Stay focused to apply your strongest energy with a goal in mind and what you're willing to do to reach it. Just as the Armored Warrior. My inspiration came from Akupara (The World Turtle), Hindu Mythology. Keywords: Action, Ambition, Balance, Controlled Direction, Drive, Empowerment, Mastery, Willpower, Victory.

Averie smaller

Bio: My name is Averie, I'm fairly new tarot and oracle cards. I grew up seeing my mother reading tarot cards and I have always been very interested. I'm a Navy wife stationed in the East Coast.

Gwendolyn Womack - Queen of Wands

Gwendolyn Womack - Queen of Wands

Q of W 400

Queen of Wands: For the Queen of Wands, my inspiration was to show the essence of energy that the Queen can wield with a wand. Wands are a fire suit and ultimately represent spiritual force and passion. I did this card in watercolor and really just let the colors take over to show the energy that wands harness. I liked the idea of making the queen small in the distance to give the sense of power over her domain.

Gwen Crop

Bio: Gwendolyn lives in a LA and paints as a hobby. She is a novelist who recently finished her second book, The Fortune Teller, which is now out from Macmillan. The story is a romantic thriller revolving around the world's first Tarot cards. She was introduced to Tarot thirty years ago and always wanted to write a story using the cards as a compass. Doing so inspired her to start painting the cards as well. She is currently painting a deck in watercolor. Visit her at

Ellen M. Gregg - The World and 5 of Cups

Ellen M. Gregg - The World and 5 of Cups

Ellen Images

The World: Keywords: acknowledgement, spiritual ascension, soul growth, completion, fulfillment, uplevellling.

Five of Cups: The grief process was my inspiration for this card—moving from the darkness back into the light. Meanings: Grief (whether from the passing of a loved one or the end of a situation or project). Going with the flow of healing. Could also be attributed to a healing crisis and its aftermath. Keywords: grief, despair, upset, move forward, healing journey.

Ellen Gregg

Bio: Ellen M. Gregg is an intuitive guide, healer and coach with medium and medical intuitive tendencies. Eight years ago, she finally embraced the abilities she was born with after taking a three-decades-long detour. And while that embracement turned her entire life topsy-turvy, she'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. She's grateful for the opportunity to exercise her creative muscles for more than just filling the margins of her journals. Viist her online at

Shan Leah - 3 of Swords

Shan Leah - Three of Swords

3 Swords 400

Three of Swords: This piece of art, like nearly all my works, is based off of a historic photograph. The Three of Swords was inspired by an image from the Vietnam War. It was created in colored pencil.


Bio: Shan has lived in Florida for most of her life, and has dedicated the last six years to perfecting her own unique style of scratchboard technique. Shan has participated in a number of gallery shows and festivals, from Miami Beach to Seattle, and her work has been published in Emboss Magazine and three anthologies of art. She is a member of the International Society of Scratchboard Artists and American Women Artists.

Emma Lloyd - The Lovers

Emma Lloyd - The Lovers

Lovers CropThe Lovers: The Lovers represents—amongst other things—union, relationships, and choices. I was inspired to explore themes of duality and balance, eventually intertwining the characters in a shape reminiscent of the Yin/ Yang symbol. The characters themselves personify feminine and masculine energies, with symbolism from the RWS deck relocated from the cosmos to the corporeal, shifting the loci of power from the divine to the individual. 

Emma Lloyd headshot

Bio: Emma lives close to the sea in Wales, with her partner and two badly-behaved cats. She has studied Tarot for over twenty years and is currently researching and experimenting with ways to use the cards to support coping strategies for people living with chronic mental illness. Emma writes about mental health at but you're most likely to find her hanging out on Instagram (

Ivan Ambrose - The Phoenix

Ivan Ambrose - The Phoenix


The Phoenix: My version of the Judgment card represents the awakening of the spirit and the rebirth process that follows. This card is indicative of the transformation that occurs through significant growth and transition as we use the darkest parts of ourselves and our lives to illuminate the shadow and bring forth the path of necessary change. Like a phoenix, we rise from the ashes and burn brighter than ever. Keywords: Rebirth, Awakening, Cycle, Surrender, Transformation, Renewal.


Bio: Ivan is a queer person of color who is a lover of creative writing, photography, and tarot. Ivan runs the website where they explore tarot through the lens of poetic prose.

Kristen Louise - 4 of Swords, Queen of Disks, 2 of Disks and Queen of Swords

Kristen Louise - 4 of Swords, Queen of Disks, 2 of Disks and Queen of Swords

Kristen 1
Kristen 2

Four of Swords: I see the card as meaning taking a rest after a hard battle. It is about self-care and healing personal wounds. Keywords: rest, recuperation, self-care.

Queen of Disks: My inspiration for the Queen of Disks was the Oracle from the movie The Matrix. I wanted to show someone warm and wise. Someone who brings physical comfort yet in her own motherly way still challenges you to stay grounded in your reality. Keywords: motherly, warm, comfort.

Two of Disks: A ballerina does an arabesque on the unstable surface of the sand, balancing two orbs. Behind her the ocean undulates. She has found her footing and maintains her poise, but a false move or unexpected wind could make her unstable. Yet this ballerina is skilled. She has learned how to do what brings her joy while tending to her responsibilities and adapting to her changing environment. Keywords: balance, multi-tasking, adaptability.   

Queen of Swords: An intense Amazon stares at the viewer, sword in front. Owls, symbols of Athena that represent wisdom, fly above her. Keywords: warrior spirit, exacting disposition, no-nonsense woman.

NEW Kristen Pantle Pic

Bio: Kristen grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and now lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and cats. She works at a college library and does freelance graphic design. Kristen is completely new to tarot, but has fallen hard for the craft, and plans on using the cards for transpersonal and shadow work.

Katalin Patnaik - King of Wands and 10 of Swords

Katalin Patnaik  - King of Wands and 10 of Swords

Katalin Cards

King of Wands: The card shows a Shivalingam with Shiva's head on it. His hair is on fire - or rather, his hair IS fire, to show the elemental nature of his thoughts and his whole existence. Fire is a dangerous ally but he keeps it under control, therefore the peaceful expression on his face. Despite him being the Destroyer part of the Hindu Trinity, Shiva is the master of yoga and meditation which shows that the King of Wands, although potentially highly explosive, can contain and control his energies in a positive way.

Ten of Swords: Here we see a beginner Tarotist's learning process through journaling. They write about the Ten of Swords and after studying so many books, they feel exhausted, confused and frustrated; exactly the keywords of this cards! An advice that this card may give us is: don't overkill it! Keywords: exhaustion, frustration, giving up, being a drama queen/king, the need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Katalin Patnaik King of Wands

Bio: Born in Hungary, living in England and married to an Indian husband, Kati has a broad overview of how different cultures can live and work together. An ex-IT-manager, a mother of two boys, Kati is the current Co-chairperson of TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) and the founder of MAKKASZ - Association of Hungarian Tarot and other card readers. See her blog and website here: where she writes both in English and in Hungarian, and if you happen to know Hungarian, check out MAKKASZ's group on Facebook and it's blog over here:

Alexandra Smith - 10 of Disks and 2 of Wands

Alexandra Smith - 10 of Disks and 2 of Wands

Alexandra Cards

Ten of Disks: The 10 of Disks can represent Wealth, Health, Prosperity, Abundance, Family, Inheritance and Completion. So here we have a family apple orchard, the house and orchard have been built over the years on a solid foundation of hard work, specialised crafts/skillsets and acquired knowledge, the apple orchard is now a legacy that all of the family can share and receive nurturance, growth and guidance from for generations to come.

The knowledge of and process of creation has been applied in its entirety and so what started as a seed of potential or opportunity in The Ace of Discs and an idea in The Ace of Swords has now become a long-lasting, tangible manifestation in the physical dimension.

In this card, we can see that it is summer and the apples are ripe for harvesting in abundance, once they have been picked, some will be retailed for profit, some will be eaten by the family and some will be selectively chosen so their seeds can be re-planted, in order to maintain the orchards steady sowing and harvesting cycles.  

10 is a number of completion, but as it's a double digit we can also combine the 1 and 0 to make 1 again, so here we have completion and New beginnings from completion.

Apple trees produce fruit over three seasons, so there is plenty for all but in order to maintain this high level of wealth and abundance for the future it is necessary to pass on the wisdom and continue to apply what has been learnt along the way during the process of creating the orchard, we will need to keep working, developing and applying our skills to new, expanded goals and make fresh investments of our time, resources and energy.

Two of Wands: The 2 of Wands can be about enthusiasm, planning, action, meetings and implementing goals.

This Two of Wands comes after the Ace which was the initial inspiration or intention for something.

So here we have a meeting, where this idea/intention can be discussed, goals are being created and a blueprint is being drawn up as the next steps in bringing the initial intention to life, at this stage the plans are being drawn in pencil so nothing is certain or set in stone yet.

We have moved forward with our energy and are making plans and considering what to do from here, everything is still fresh with lots of potential for change and expansion but we have a strong vision for what we want and are figuring out what actions are best to go about creating it.

Alexandra Smith 400

Bio: I’m a mother of two wonderful children. Tarot is one of my favorite studies and something I'm very passionate about. Ever since I was gifted my first deck 15+ years ago I've been reading and working with the Tarot Intuitively as a tool for Divination, Transformation and Spiritual-Development.

2017 International Tarot Day Deck

The 2017 International Tarot Day Deck is finally for sale! Woohoo! Click here to go right to our deck page on The Game Crafter website.

Tarotnauts gc 700
The deck is offered at an affordable price since this was a labor of love to celebrate Tarot...not to make a profit. It's a full, 78-card deck with a reversible backing--and comes with a beautiful tuck box featuring art from the deck. Also included is an Artists and Cards card and a title card. After purchase, you'll be able to download a full-color .pdf giving further information on the artists and their cards. 

To discover our amazing artists and the cards they made, please click here.

We would love for you to use our deck images (freely and liberally!) for blog posts, tutorials, spread examples, COTD and forecasts.

We just have a small requirement: please, at the bottom of your post, put Card Images © 2017 International Tarot Day Artist Collective

If you'd like to be invited to a DropBox folder with all 78 cards already sized and titled for you to download, please email Janet at with Tarot Day Deck Image Use in the subject line, as well as the preferred email address you want to use for your DropBox folder invitation.

That's it!

Thanks for your interest, and Tarot on!

-- Janet Boyer, Creative Director

Tarot Majors (Party Edition)

After embarking on the epic quest of creating a special deck to celebrate International Tarot Day, my passion and love for cute doodling has rekindled and I am actively developing this new "skill tree".

As one of my 100 Day Doodle Challenge, I drew up this cutesy reinterpretation of the tarot majors in a party context. I am happy with most of these--I still want to work on the Hierophant and the Devil's punchline a bit more. Right now I seem to be drawing a blank! But I thought I would share this with you guys for some light-hearted tarot fun. :) 



My personal favourite is the Hanged Man. I kind of screwed up on the flashlight, but he is basically holding up a flashlight underneath his chin and making scary faces at people! My other favourite is Strength...I didn't make it very clear but basically, she twists open the salsa jar after various valiant attempts at the party, haha. :D 

Which one is your favourite? What do you think the majors would say or do at a party? 

-- Kimberly Tsan

Tarotnaut Artist Collective - Who We Are

In the spring of 2017, a group of us from all over the world met in the Tarot Nerds Facebook Group.

Talk begin of creating a non-trademarked, inclusive day to celebrate Tarot--globally.

An International Tarot Day.

Brainstorms ensued. What could each of us do to celebrate this new holiday dedicated to Tarot?

I had a crazy idea: What if some of us collaborated and commemorated this inaugural day with a Tarot deck?

Tarotnaut square smaller

And have it finished, and published, before the day that was settled on--July 8, 2017?

Ambitious? Exciting? Creatively audacious?

Yes to all! 

People began offering to make cards. Dozens of people....from all over the world.

I had to make a secret Facebook Group to more adequately address the questions and assign the card art. (Wrangling cats! Lots of talented cats.)

We created an entire deck together in less than three months--the very first 2017 International Tarot Day Deck.

We plan on coming back for next year, too.

The Tarotnauts blog--this is the place where we share our collective experience with you, giving you updates on our future projects, showing you works in progress, providing sneak-peeks into our individual art processes and more. 

If there's something particular you'd like to see here--or even have an idea for a deck theme--feel free to let us know!

We can't wait to create more beautiful, fun and useful divinatory tools for you to discover and use.

My Signature 200

-- Janet Boyer, Founder and Creative Director