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Tarot Majors (Party Edition)

After embarking on the epic quest of creating a special deck to celebrate International Tarot Day, my passion and love for cute doodling has rekindled and I am actively developing this new "skill tree".

As one of my 100 Day Doodle Challenge, I drew up this cutesy reinterpretation of the tarot majors in a party context. I am happy with most of these--I still want to work on the Hierophant and the Devil's punchline a bit more. Right now I seem to be drawing a blank! But I thought I would share this with you guys for some light-hearted tarot fun. :) 



My personal favourite is the Hanged Man. I kind of screwed up on the flashlight, but he is basically holding up a flashlight underneath his chin and making scary faces at people! My other favourite is Strength...I didn't make it very clear but basically, she twists open the salsa jar after various valiant attempts at the party, haha. :D 

Which one is your favourite? What do you think the majors would say or do at a party? 

-- Kimberly Tsan

Tarotnaut Artist Collective - Who We Are

In the spring of 2017, a group of us from all over the world met in the Tarot Nerds Facebook Group.

Talk begin of creating a non-trademarked, inclusive day to celebrate Tarot--globally.

An International Tarot Day.

Brainstorms ensued. What could each of us do to celebrate this new holiday dedicated to Tarot?

I had a crazy idea: What if some of us collaborated and commemorated this inaugural day with a Tarot deck?

Tarotnaut square smaller

And have it finished, and published, before the day that was settled on--July 8, 2017?

Ambitious? Exciting? Creatively audacious?

Yes to all! 

People began offering to make cards. Dozens of people....from all over the world.

I had to make a secret Facebook Group to more adequately address the questions and assign the card art. (Wrangling cats! Lots of talented cats.)

We created an entire deck together in less than three months--the very first 2017 International Tarot Day Deck.

We plan on coming back for next year, too.

The Tarotnauts blog--this is the place where we share our collective experience with you, giving you updates on our future projects, showing you works in progress, providing sneak-peeks into our individual art processes and more. 

If there's something particular you'd like to see here--or even have an idea for a deck theme--feel free to let us know!

We can't wait to create more beautiful, fun and useful divinatory tools for you to discover and use.

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-- Janet Boyer, Founder and Creative Director