2017 International Tarot Day Deck Box
Katalin Patnaik - King of Wands and 10 of Swords

Alexandra Smith - 10 of Disks and 2 of Wands

Alexandra Smith - 10 of Disks and 2 of Wands

Alexandra Cards

Ten of Disks: The 10 of Disks can represent Wealth, Health, Prosperity, Abundance, Family, Inheritance and Completion. So here we have a family apple orchard, the house and orchard have been built over the years on a solid foundation of hard work, specialised crafts/skillsets and acquired knowledge, the apple orchard is now a legacy that all of the family can share and receive nurturance, growth and guidance from for generations to come.

The knowledge of and process of creation has been applied in its entirety and so what started as a seed of potential or opportunity in The Ace of Discs and an idea in The Ace of Swords has now become a long-lasting, tangible manifestation in the physical dimension.

In this card, we can see that it is summer and the apples are ripe for harvesting in abundance, once they have been picked, some will be retailed for profit, some will be eaten by the family and some will be selectively chosen so their seeds can be re-planted, in order to maintain the orchards steady sowing and harvesting cycles.  

10 is a number of completion, but as it's a double digit we can also combine the 1 and 0 to make 1 again, so here we have completion and New beginnings from completion.

Apple trees produce fruit over three seasons, so there is plenty for all but in order to maintain this high level of wealth and abundance for the future it is necessary to pass on the wisdom and continue to apply what has been learnt along the way during the process of creating the orchard, we will need to keep working, developing and applying our skills to new, expanded goals and make fresh investments of our time, resources and energy.

Two of Wands: The 2 of Wands can be about enthusiasm, planning, action, meetings and implementing goals.

This Two of Wands comes after the Ace which was the initial inspiration or intention for something.

So here we have a meeting, where this idea/intention can be discussed, goals are being created and a blueprint is being drawn up as the next steps in bringing the initial intention to life, at this stage the plans are being drawn in pencil so nothing is certain or set in stone yet.

We have moved forward with our energy and are making plans and considering what to do from here, everything is still fresh with lots of potential for change and expansion but we have a strong vision for what we want and are figuring out what actions are best to go about creating it.

Alexandra Smith 400

Bio: I’m a mother of two wonderful children. Tarot is one of my favorite studies and something I'm very passionate about. Ever since I was gifted my first deck 15+ years ago I've been reading and working with the Tarot Intuitively as a tool for Divination, Transformation and Spiritual-Development.


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