Kimberly Essex - Devil, 8 of Wands and 9 of Wands
Ron Boyer - Wheel, 6 of Wands, Temperance, Stars, Fool and Ace of Disks

Brandy Woods - Page of Wands, Knight of Swords, Knight of Wands and Knight of Disks

Brandy Woods - Page of Wands, Knight of Swords, Knight of Wands and Knight of Disks

Brandy 1 Brandy 2
Page of Wands: “The Hatchling” - I imagine that most people would assume the title was referring to the small dragon on her shoulder… but personally, I always felt that the young woman herself was the 'hatchling' – new, untested and untried, full of enthusiasm and determination for her journey and training ahead, as she learns from her mentor the dragon.

Knight of Swords: “The Tourney” - This piece was originally a book cover commission. The character in question had received armor from the Queen of Faerie and was going to be her Chosen in a tourney… I'm not sure if the book was ever actually published or not, but I still retain the rights to the image, and I thought the imagery fit nicely with the Knight of Swords! A young challenger, confident and ready to take on the world, determined to succeed, perfectly outfitted by the Queen for his task ahead… but, like the young Knight alone in Faerie, might end up rushing into situations where he ends up well over his head.

Knight of Wands: “Anubis” - Anubis the Egyptian god had several roles over the course of the years: protector of tombs, embalmer, the guide of souls, and one who would weigh the heaviness of the heart against a feather, to determine where the soul would travel to in the afterlife. In his representation here he is very 'in your face', almost aggressive with his power.

Knight of Disks: “Shaman's Path” - Originally a self-portrait project in college, I chose to represent a focus on culture and ancestry, allies and deep spirituality, as well as doing all this in acrylics – learning to paint was one of my original driving goals in going back to school. 3 years and rigorous effort later, this painting was the result. The traditional shaman in the picture is thus the Knight of Pentacles – studious dedication to a path and a methodology, a dedication and attention to detail, a determination to do an excellent job.

Brandy woods

Bio: Brandy Woods is an award-winning illustrator who specializes in Native American-inspired and fantasy themes, and she also enjoy painting, making drums, painting on feathers, and sculpture. A great grandmother was full-blooded Choctaw (Chahta) and Brandy was raised with a deep love and respect for the First Nations. She went back to school in her 30's and graduated with honors (and two scholarships!) from Dawson College's prestigious Illustration and Design program. She grew up in Louisiana and spent much of her childhood reading Wendy Pini's 'ElfQuest', as well as numerous books on mythology, shamanism, fantasy, the middle ages, and other cultures.Visit her at,, and


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