Laura R. - 3 of Wands
Alison Cross - Ace of Cups

Che Gonzales - 6 of Swords

Che Gonzales - 6 of Swords

6 of Swords ITD Final 400

Six of Swords: This card appears during a period of transition.  It could mean an actual travel or figuratively moving away from a stressful situation in order to gain a better perspective and restore balance in one’s life. The card shows a person who is sad and tired, but is still making an effort to move forward by taking a journey on his boat.  He finally realized that even though he physically removed himself from his burdensome environment, the raft filled with swords (that was initially tied to his boat) was slowing down his progress. The raft is close enough for him to take one or two swords, which represent the lessons that he gained from his past, into his boat.  The raft and the remaining swords will be let go, which represents release of negative thoughts that came from his past. The sun that is slightly hidden by two coconut trees symbolizes a better situation in the future.


Bio: Che Gonzales is a Tarot and oracle reader from Manila, Philippines. You may contact her through her Facebook page, The Tarot Transmission.


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