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Raymond Yap - Hierophant and Page of Cups

Raymond Yap - Hierophant and Page of Cups

Raymond Cards

Hierophant: One of the keywords associated with The Hierophant is wisdom. I am fascinated with Asian figures and deities. And as I am Asian I thought to render some elements of the Asian world. I love the Cherry Blossom tree. The Hierophant holding a book with two keys symbolises initiation into the tradition and wisdom of the ages.   

Page of Cups: The Page of cups for me means being naive, playful and having fun. The Page of Cups is learning to ground and learn his emotions on more conscious level. The reason I drew a rainbow around this Page is I associate the Page of Cups as being giddy, vibrant and joyful. And rainbows are always fun. 

Raymond Yap 400

Bio: Hi ! My name is Raymond Yap and I live in India. I have been personally reading Tarot cards for more than a decade and now I offer my card reading sessions on Etsy here. have always been obsessed and fascinated with Tarot cards and anything that was supernatural. However, Tarot as a system of divination really has a special place in my heart and life. I picked up my very first pack of Tarot cards in my early teenage years. My grandmother who was a palmist and she said "You can really read cards." And ever since then I have been reading cards for people and offering them advice.


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Hi Raymond = if u don’t mind 👀 watt does page of cups & Hierophant signify as outcome in relationship reading ?? Thanks

Janet Boyer

Hi Naaz!

In a relationship reading, the Page of Cups could be a youthful, sensitive soul--or one that is emotionally immature...a "dreamer" (rather than a realist). The Hierophant can be a spiritual or religious leader/influence in a person's life, or someone that "tows the line" culturally, racially or religiously. They may be big on "shoulds" and "musts"--a moralizing presence. If The Hierophant was coupled with, say, The Lovers or even the 2 of Cups--I'd say marriage is possible.

Depending on the other cards present in the reading, Page of Cups + Hierohpant as a relationship outcome could mean:

* Immature or sensitive youth forced into marriage for cultural reasons
*Artistic, young-at-heart person pressured by religious mores that will affect the relationshp
*Sweet child serving as a ring bearer/flower girl at a wedding
*Dreamer hoping for marriage
*Idealist assuming that "religion" will save his/her sweetheart

Hope this helps!


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