Brandy Woods - Page of Wands, Knight of Swords, Knight of Wands and Knight of Disks
Kimberly M. Tsan - 4 of Disks, 7 of Wands and 7 of Disks

Ron Boyer - Wheel, 6 of Wands, Temperance, Stars, Fool and Ace of Disks

Ron Boyer - Wheel, 6 of Wands, Temperance, Stars, Fool and Ace of Disks

Wheel of FortuneThis particular Wheel of Fortune card shows eight potential scenarios--out of millions--that a person may experience in life. Each scenario's opposite is across the wheel from it:

Buying a Home/Tearing Down a Building

The Wheel is always spinning, so the middle motif is a hypnotic element that almost looks like a peppermint swirl candy. To me, that's how life can be: sweet, but hard (you can break your teeth on that type of candy--or even choke on it). There's always an upside and downside to every life issue: it all depends on how you look at it. When a baby comes out of the womb crying, he isn't too happy (although it's usually a joyous occasion for the family). When a death occurs, many are sad--but it may also be the cessation of painful symptoms and hardship. 

The spiral motif is also reminiscent of a game spinner. Life IS a game, but you don't really play the game unless you're involved in life by making active decisions. 

The gray background is a metaphor for all the "grays" in life: variations, perceptions, emotional states and flux--the ambiguity of it all. 

Six of WandsA sweating, polydactylic hand holds a gold trophy embossed with the laurel wreath as confetti rains down in celebration. For me, this card isn't just about victory--it's about everything that has led up to this achievement: the dedication, strength and perseverance required to get to this point. Since ancient Greece, the laurel wreath was given to winners of athletic competitions (e.g. Olympics), as well as commanders successful in martial conquests. Why six fingers? It's symbolic of having a biological or genetic advantage. This card is a mixed media piece: the background and ribbon confetti are painted with acrylics, while the hand, trophy and square white confetti are done in watercolor pencils on watercolor paper cutouts affixed to the canvas. 

Temperance: This image represents my belief that life is a mixture of good and bad experiences that we all share. This is represented by rusty pipes, decay and bird droppings. But, among all that, there's also vibrancy, color and life. Note the healthy animals and the white iris growing up through the cracked cement (Iris was the goddess of the rainbow, often featured in Temperance cards from other decks).

Sometimes, the Divine (or whatever you want to call that Higher Power) sends manna--sustenance--a cleansing, vivid stream that nourishes the soul and brings beauty. The green rat has accepted--even embraced--both the negative and the positive, which is really relative and a matter of perspective. (Acrylics on hand-cut, hand-sanded and hand-gessoed wood).

The StarsI painted this piece 17 years ago and it's been hanging on a wall in our home ever since (acrylics on canvas). I titled it "Midnight Cathedral" because it represented the best of the moments of feeling connected to something bigger than yourself: you don't have to be within a church or house of worship to feel connected to the Divine. Growing up, I would go into the woods near our house and look up at the night sky. Ethereal and beautiful, those times were profoundly spiritual. Keywords: Hope, Connection to the Divine, Wonder, Awe, Serenity, Contemplation.

The FoolA soul awaits the go-ahead to descend into the void so it may be born into physical reality as a baby. Oh what surprises are just around the corner! But don't be fooled: life in the physical realm ain't all fun and games. No sir, sometimes... it's a real shitzone. Good luck, baby! 

Ace of Disks: This mandala represents the energetic potential of the physical world. All the ingredients are here, but to manifest the imagination, you must take the physical materials to make it "real" with your own hands. 

Ron Headsho ITD

BioRon Boyer is the artist for both the Snowland Deck and the Coffee Tarot that he’s co-created with his wife (Tarot author and Creative Director Janet Boyer). In fact, the Coffee Tarot: Grande Edition is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Click here to watch a video, see cards and consider backing the project. His preferred artistic medium is acrylics, but he's also created art pieces in polymer clay, wood, watercolor pencils, Plexiglas and pyrography. Ron's murals, paintings and woodwork have been commissioned for both private collectors and the business sector. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family at home, as well as watching thought-provoking sci-fi/fantasy movies and quirky films--or reading entertaining authors like Richard Brautigan, Dr. Michael Graziano and Douglas Adams. Ron believes in space aliens. Visit him online at


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