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Sarah Knight - The Emperor

Emperor 400

The Emperor: The traditional image of The Emperor - sitting on his throne with his orb and ankh - can be quite hard to relate to, so I wanted to modernise him by removing the archaic costume, while maintaining much of the essential symbolism. The Emperor is an authority figure, a patriarch, who is not afraid to look you straight in the eye - he certainly knows his own mind. His heavy brow, and the hint of a frown, shows that he is a serious person with a fairly stern attitude. The long beard is a sign of his experience. The background is reminiscent of flames because The Emperor is associated with the element of Fire, and this is also echoed by the triangle symbols. The traditional ankh, orb and Aries symbol are also included in the patterned background. On a personal level, The Emperor is my birth card and also the card I most associate with my husband who is a solid organised person, a firm-but-loving father and successful in his career. My representation of The Emperor has his enormous blue eyes and his nose.

Sarah Knight 400

Bio: Sarah is a Craft Blogger and Knitting Designer, also known as Crafts from the Cwtch. She lives in the rural county of West Sussex, UK, with her husband, two children and a Miniature Schnauzer called Archie whose beard is a lot like The Emperor's, but black. Sarah loves intuitive painting and sketching and has been obsessively studying Tarot since February 2017. Find her Tarot musings at The Curious Cardslinger and daily updates on Instagram


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