Kris W. Tamburrini - 8 of Swords, Knight of Cups and 8 of Cups
Noah Boyer - 10 of Wands and Magician

Macarena Hurtado - Tower, King of Swords, Death and King of Cups

Macarena Hurtado - Tower, King of Swords, Death and King of Cups

Tower ksw Macarena Death and KC
Tower: I live in a country of earthquakes. When you face a natural catastrophe you immediately get back to the barest simplicity: the joy of being alive, of being together. You remember what is important in life. That's the way I see the big crisis that universe gives us to get through: you may lose a lot of things even human loss, but if you look inside yourself you'll find the energy to go on and rebuild a new life. You'll get stronger, wiser, deeper.

King of Swords: I have my own King of Swords at home, my beloved husband. He has been for me the last 16 years of my life. He’s a smart guy, a sweet nerd, he looks for the truth, objective information, justice. He's a great communicator and excellent in politics, but not so good with emotional stuff. That is no problem for him to commit. He may be judgmental, but if you talk with him and explain yourself, he understands. He’s the master of plans and ideas, a good leader, but may need someone to get the ideas to practice and make the hard work.

Death: The only thing that’s definite in this world is change. My version of the Death card is an invitation to see this new world coming. You will need to cut away the old in order to allow new things blossom. Death is an angel, because change is God's will. He speaks to us through change. You must allow death to welcome life.

King of Cups: The King of Cups is the man who fearlessly looks inside himself. He knows his deep feelings and is able to understand them. Even if he has to face troubled waters, he finds his inner wisdom and calm. He loves deeply.

Macarena 400

Bio: My name is Macarena. I've been giving advice along with the Tarot for almost twenty years. I believe that universe is like a big puzzle where everybody is an essential piece and have a unique inner truth. That's how I understand my work: I want to help you find your own wisdom to be happy. I love human being and spirituality. I look for learning from any experience, as a reader or as a querent, as a business woman, as a wife or as a mother and make that experiences become new forms of self knowledge. I live in Santiago, Chile, with my husband and teenager son, seven dogs, a turtle and two cats. You can find me (in Spanish) on Facebook and read my ramblings and insights here and here. Or follow me on Twitter at @angeltarotista.


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