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Ramona Van Cleave - Surrender and Moon

Ramona Van Cleave - Surrender and Moon

Surrender moon
: At this stage of The Fool's Journey, we face a crisis of faith. We can't go back, we can't move forward, and we certainly can't stay the same. The only solution is to surrender our control issues, and trust the spiritual process of becoming.

In this state of liminality, we're hanging out in a cosmic waiting room, a place in-between, on the threshold. There is no struggle, as we willingly sacrifice the small self upon the tree of enlightenment in order to contemplate our higher Self. The planet Neptune and the element of Water give clues to unlocking the mysteries of this card. Here, we are asked to let go and just flow.

For my version of the Hanged Man—Surrender—I've chosen to paint the chrysalis of a Monarch butterfly. Having shed and let go of her previous form, the caterpillar crawls up the tree, and hangs upside down to await her transformation. She will shapeshift from a creature of Earth into a creature of Air, but for a moment she is neither caterpillar nor butterfly, as she rests in the contentment of her surrender.

For this painting, I've used watercolor, water-soluble pencils, and gold nail polish.

Moon: Is this a lovely dream or a scary night terror?

Magic 8 Ball says: Reply Hazy. Try Again.

Roger Waters wrote:

And all that is now
And all that is gone
And all that's to come
And everything under the sun is in tune
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon

Ancient peoples feared a great dragon was devouring the Sun during a total solar eclipse, darkening the sky, turning Day into Night, and that dragon is the Moon.

Our Moon reflects the light of our Sun, but during a total solar eclipse, She temporarily blocks His shine. For a few still moments, the bright light of Day is overthrown by mysterious, shadowy Night.

The Moon represents all that is hidden from view during the light of day, and rules the realm of dreams and poetry, secrets and fears; it is the pathway to our unconscious mind as well as that of the Collective Unconscious, and the Jungian shadow we repress and deny. If the Sun is the Ego, the Moon is the Id.

Like a hungry daimon, The Moon feeds on and magnifies our fears. If we don't do the work to integrate our shadow side, we will ebb and flow, repeatedly cycling back into the dark abyss of haunting dreams and memories.

When we find our path lit only by the light of The Moon, it is time to go within and use our intuition to separate what is real from what is an illusion.

Meditate and wait for fresh inspiration and clarity; and remember, for good or ill, shadows aren't always what they appear to be in the dark.

Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden. – Phaedrus

For my Moon card, I chose to use watercolors to paint a total solar eclipse in honor of the August 21, 2017 eclipse that will be visible over North America, where I live.

Ramona Van Cleave
Bio: I've been studying and reading Tarot and other oracles for myself, friends, and family, for over 31 years. I'm fascinated by all forms of divination since childhood, and I love learning new things. I'm currently learning to read Lenormand! I approach Tarot from a philosophical and a psychological viewpoint and I like to dive deeply into the heart of the matter. I give readings by phone and e-mail, and I find reading at parties and other events particularly rewarding and fun. I love helping people, and I'm very easy to talk to. Write me at, and let's talk Tarot! May the cards be ever in your favor.


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