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Sasha Wieczorek - 8 of Disks and Justice

Sasha Wieczorek - 8 of Disks and Justice

8 coins justice

Eight of Disks: The 8 of Disks has a special place in my heart because it is a card of success through hard work, a mastery of skill through repeated attempts, and a story everyone can relate to. It's the example of success many of us were shown as children, inspiring us to not give up on our dreams. Drawing this card is a reminder of that success as well as encouragement to keep going and don't give up. It can also mean skills have been honed, and soon there will be a transition from student to master. This card incorporates my own skills as a craftsman and leatherworker. I created the pentacles out of leather, incorporated gears to symbolize industry and then included tools of my trade. I used past projects to create a rich background while filling in the negative space. Six pentacles are in the shape of a large pentagram to magnify the suit, each pentacle uniquely different yet similar to the other. The remaining pentacles on the top left acts as the beginning idea of a project. The right represents a finished product. The final image reminds me of Children's Hidden Picture Books. It invites you to look closely and discover what the 8 of Disks means to you. 

Justice: The traditional imagery of Justice is of Lady Justice, also known as the Roman goddess Justitia, as a blindfolded woman holding a sword and scales. Her eyes are covered in order to remain impartial and not show favoritism. Her scales enable her to weigh both sides of a situation. The sword represents the swiftness and finality in which her judgment will be carried out.

The image I created focuses on the symbols of Justice. First, the sword represents the impartialness needed to fairly judge a situation. A weapon is both unfeeling and impartial. The sword has also become a part of the scales, providing a solid base in which the strap attached to both sides can slide freely to one way or another based upon which side is heavier. The scales in this card represent an older reference, the Egyptian version of the judgment one faces at the end of life. The Egyptians believed the heart held their intellect and intuition. At the end of life, each person would have their deeds weighed by the goddess of truth, Ma'at. A feather representing truth (sometimes a statue of the goddess herself) would be weighed against the all the accomplishments and misdeeds during that person's life. The more transgressions or crimes the person committed, the heavier the heart would be. In place of a heart on the scale, I used a small point of light to represent the soul. How large and how bright that soul will be is up to the reader. Does it reflect the light of the sun? Or is it dim like a moonlit night? Does the scale seem balanced? Or is it slightly swaying in one direction or another? Do you see Ma'at in the reflection of the sword or something/someone else?

Finally, Justice means if you have been treated unfairly, had an outcome of a situation come out against you despite your innocence, or on the flip side, if you are the one who escaped consequences, Justice will be there, in the end, waiting for us all.

May the odds be ever in your favor. ;)

Sasha wieczorek
Bio: Sasha Wieczorek is a leatherworker who lives in Minnesota with her husband, son, and goofy little pug cross, Bullet. She creates custom leather horse tack, leather cuffs, cell phone holsters, guitar straps, backpacks, and tarot bag charms under the company name Wild Riders Tack & Leather. The pentacles in this photo and other tarot bag charms are currently for sale on her Etsy site. You can also follow her on Facebook


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