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Stacey Riesterer - 4 of Wands and 10 of Cups

Stacey Riesterer - 4 of Wands and 10 of Cups

4 wands 10 cups

Four of Wands: The distant call of the gull, the whisper of the waves caressing the shore and the roar of the fire in the sky all beckon to you—demanding your soul to take pause and to simply live in the moment. Do not cast your eyes towards the future, nor let your memory slip into the past, allow yourself to revel in the “NOW”. Celebrate! Raises your glasses! Make love! Take a well-earned rest, for it is greatly deserved.

Inspiration for this card derives from a personal milestone: ten years of marriage. My husband Jeff and I commemorate this moment in our lives by embracing all the good and bad that we have lived and shared together. The tide may batter us one day, but like the sun that will return and warm our skins again, our love and faith in each other continues to burn like the warming sun. Providing each other with the strength and love needed to be our best selves. The importance of taking the time to recognize that life is a marvelous gift is practically impossible to put into words. Salute! (Picture taken in Cozumel Mexico)

Ten of Cups: Lovers holding hands with permanent symbols of their union etched onto their ring fingers. Their tattooed promise to one another, a promise that can't simply be slipped off when times get rough. Though you can’t see the couple’s faces, a calmness radiates outward from their resting hands, while a spilled mess lays before them. If one stops to think for a moment…how did the paint get there? Appears as if the mess had been made by their children and the couple is happily and contently taking in the sight of the creativity that came forth from their little one’s imaginations. Usually one would be upset over a cup the has spilled its contents, however in this scenario, the cups have overflowed with love and joy.

Stacey Riesterer
Bio: Hello, I’m Stacey Riesterer, but you can call me Scooch! I consider myself to be a jack of all trades, master of none. Some days it feels like I’m a walking oxymoron. J I hold a degree in Business and Accounting, while currently working in the field of logistics. I grew up heavy into athletics, yet I still love curling up next to a fire with a book (or a tarot deck). I can grow a bountiful vegetable garden, yet will end up killing any flower that comes into my care. I know how to start a fire and prepare the food I’ve caught, but I still get skived out by ticks and leeches. I also love to bake my great grandmother cookie recipes, but just don't ask me to make cupcakes. I wear my heart on my sleeve and will fight fiercely for what I believe in, like the Aries that I am.

My first encounter with Tarot wasn’t long after I finally discarded any remaining beliefs in organized religion. My first reading felt like a gut punch right to a hidden part of my soul. Very emotional and raw. It took several more years, and another reading, for me to begin to understand what that initial “gut punch” feeling actually was. It was a makeup call for me, so I’ve been reading, researching and studying anything and everything about tarot ever since. Tarot has helped to center, focus and calm my mind. It has become a priceless tool in my life’s journey to be the best version of myself that is possible.


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