Helping Katrin Salyers with Moving Expenses

Hi all! Katrin Salyers, who made our 3 of Cups card, could use some help with moving expenses.

Katrin hubby 500

She had some ignorant person say cruel things and shut her down for her efforts to raise money...and I want to counter that by good ol' fashioned generosity. Would you please help Katrin Salyers and her husband? Click here to check out their GoFundMe page.

She donated her time to make one of the BEST 3 of Cups card I've ever seen (so freakin' adorable)--and I'd love to capture the energy of celebration and sisterhood (and brotherhood!) by sharing her situation so we can help out in a tangible way (and then celebrate that they got through this rough patch).

4003 of Cups ITD FinalThanks everyone!