You Were Much More Muchier

Muchier 500Alice in Wonderland--and all of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's (aka Lewis Carroll) works, really--are fully of whimsical, delightful wordplay.

I'm making jewelry these days (will need to write a prequel post about that), and was looking for some Edgar Allan Poe-related cabochons. Stumbled upon some Alice stuff and...fell down a rabbit hole. wink 

Didn't remember this quote, but apparently it was also memorialized in the movie starring Johnny Depp:

When we're in transition, we may often question our "muchness".

Some may look at me and think "Why in the world would she give up Tarot writing? She was good at it!"--and think I've lost my "muchness". (Those who know me well know that I have lots of reasons to do so...)

And to be honest, I think that's one reason I procrastinated from retiring from Tarot.

Who would I be without my Tarot writing? I mean, I've spent over a decade "doing" Tarot--teaching it, reading it, writing about it, podcasting about it and so on.

And honestly, these days, I don't have any interests in writing...anything. Except this blog. 

Who would I be without my...writing? I'm a writer, right?

Instead, I'm rather enthralled with creating jewelry and making things with vintage buttons (beads are now becoming a bit of an obsession).

I'm not doing it to make money (even though we have our Chez Boyer Etsy Shop), even though I've made a few bucks. (As if I entered into the world of Tarot--and stayed there for a decade--to become Money Bags Boyer. Ha!)

In fact, my favorite pieces are made just for myself. 

As a writer in the modern age, I've been indoctrinated by publishing folks to "write for the market" (or, at least, know who your market is--which then begs the question: why? Well, to sell to them...that's why!).

I know of a few trends in jewelry--but I'm not interested in most of it. I want to create cool stuff...just because.

Like, right now.

I'm making an It's Not Easy Being Green charm bracelet. Noah says it's like an Emerald City-inspired piece--but although I have some Oz charms, this one won't have any on it. Rather, it's a collection of cool green findings--and green vintage buttons--that I'm assembling in bracelet form.

Just because.

For me, in this moment, I'm much more muchier than I've been in a long time.

And that muchness has nothing to do with the appearance of outward accomplishment--and it sure as hell has nothing to do with the opinions of others.

Alice at the party

By the way, I happen to have quite a few Alice in Wonderland charms and findings, so...stay tuned.

You Must Give Up the Nails You Planned

Joseph Campbell's famous quote is You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.

Well, last night, I had to give up the nails I had planned--pretty long nails that I wanted to display during my Barnes & Noble book signing next month.

Cut Nails
If I wasn't so damn aggravated with my long (albeit, pretty) nails while making skull jewelry last night--I would've snapped a "before" pic. 

Alas, all you get is this--the aftermath:

Clipped nails

I had to give up the nails I planned...for the ones that were "waiting" for me. You know, the ones that I can use comfortably for typing, jewelry making, cooking...

Yeah, that's my kitchen counter I clipped my nails on.

Don't judge me.

No TV for a Decade (But Now We Have TV)

So, for a decade we went without TV programming. 

Tv field 600

We felt that it was a major waste of money ($50+ a month for cable)--not to mention time.

After all, we were busy creating. Making stuff. Adding value to the world. 

Not wasting time in front of the boob toob. (Ewww! Valium for the masses!)

With my last traditionally-published book in the pipeline (it's now available)--and another book mostly finished (now done)--we had a collective change of heart here at Chez Boyer this Spring.

Noah had graduated the previous Autumn. Two major publications almost put to bed. Ron done with the art of our last deck

Annnnnd a modest income tax refund coming our way.

Annnnnd our old boxy TV died right after I suggested getting a flat screen (I shit you not). 

Ron took that as a thumb's up from the Universe (doesn't take much to convince us when we're on the "right" track around here). 

So we got a Smart TV with ROKU built in. And added Gaia (the channel that helped convince us we needed to stream). And Boomerang. And Acorn. Then Netflix. And now Hulu. Oh, and BritBox. 

Most times, my eyes glaze over with analysis paralysis when I need to pick something--so I suggest listening to Jim Harold's Campfire Podcast, instead (ha!). 

But on an existential level...why the change? How does a family go from TV snobbery to embracing zeitgeist's opium?

By tiring of being "givers"--and seeing little ROI. 

Some people? They merely fart...and people share away, all over social media. People then clamor to buy, buy, buy their fartage.

The creative labors of our little band of pioneers? Except for a small collective of die-hard fans...not so much.

So we basically felt "Screw this...this giving to humanity for their edification and enlightenment. Let's be consumers!"

Eating popcorn 600
And consume we are. (Truth be told, we're likely to have the TV on a few hours a day...but still.)

P.S. Will share some of my favorite TV finds soon. I mean, you're interested in that...right?


I am in a state of transition.

I have scant idea where I'm headed next.

I'm feeling a bit shaky.

And feeling like a fish out of water.

Maybe a sparkly gold one.

Possibly, a flounder.

Welcome to my new personal (probably way-too-emotional) blog.