Word of the Day - Hoary
Introducing Why We Write

Location, Location, Location

I have an African Violet plant that hasn't flowered for years. 

Despite good care, the plant only grew lush, fuzzy green leaves.

Until now.

Three purple blossoms with bright yellow centers bloomed on top the plant. Six more await unfurlment.

What happened?


I moved the plant a mere 25 feet, from a northerly window indirect sun to an easterly window with a few hours of direct sunlight.

In our writing life, sometimes we need to change locations in order to blossom.

This could mean changing our mental orientation--for example, from discouraged to hopeful--or it may mean an actual, physical change in where we write.

If you're stuck on uninspired, try writing:

  • In the bathtub
  • On a park bench
  • At the library
  • In a cafe
  • On a step
  • In the care (not while driving!)
  • On a grassy lawn
  • In a shopping mall
  • Poolside
  • In a cemetery
  • At a ski lodge
  • On the bus
  • Under a tree
  • At the beach
  • In bed
  • At your dining room table
  • In the basement
  • At a friend's house

A change of location brings a different perspective--as well as varied sights, sounds and smells--providing fresh grist for the creative mill.

How has a change of location helped your writing life? Do tell!