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Why I Write - S.G. Browne

Introducing Why We Write

Why We Write 600

I’m pleased to present another new feature on Writespiration: Why We Write.

Inspired by the book of the same name (have it, love it), I realized that many writers often stop and ask themselves “Why do I write?” Let’s face it: hundreds of jobs are oh-so-much easier than writing.

This question usually surfaces during times of discouragement or weariness—or after some type of criticism or (perceived) rejection.

Lately, I’ve been asking myself the same question.

A lot.

Not only is it beneficial to ask “Why do I write?”—but it also helps to read why other writers “keep on keepin’ on”.

What motivates writers? Why do we slog on year after year after year—even in the face of poverty, a required “day job”, parenthood (read: sleepless nights), multiple rejections, negative reviews or (gasp) stalking?

Or, despite accolades, rave reviews and continued book deals—why do writers sometimes feel unfulfilled, cynical, misanthropic—yet, can’t stop writing?

In Why We Write, you’ll get an intimate view of writers sharing their hearts and motivations for showing up at the keyboard or moleskin notebook—day after day after day.

Perhaps their journeys and reasons for writing will help you stay on the path.

Or, maybe, give you a sensible reason to (finally) hang it up for good...